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Creation/Research Support
If, a Final Chapter for a Family Trip. (Research and Experiment Project)

This project consists of field survey, writing-sound experiment, and phased development. Treating an imaginary “investigation report of endangered ballads” as the point of departure, this project attempts to represent the interdependent lyrics and melodies as well as the “phantoms” behind them through the exiting written records. This is a journey of exploration and experimentation, on which we will re-examine the existing yet blurred boundaries within the archives. If photo albums are archives of private history, how can we interpret the memories and false memories they hold? The project’s problématique or subject revolves around two key words: “family trip” and “ballads.” The history of “travel” is tantamount to the expression history of human mobility, and the historical significance of “family trip,” seemingly belonging to the realm of private history, has evolved continuously. The term “ballad” here refers to the multi-dimensional possessions of voice or sound, which seems to be linked with auditory sense only. Treating ballads as a part of radical geography, the project regards sound as the crystal composed of action, interaction and event. Centering on Taiwan and stretching our imagination south- and north-bound, this project creates a dialogue of an “imaginary trip” by collecting locals’ memories of ballads and giving new aura and connotation to the lyrics or melodies of ballads. Then, it complies and assembles several ballads and transforms them into a theatrical “coda.” By virtue of the exchange records of history and geography that are continuously recombined, reorganized and re-assembled, this project tries to transform the endless loop of memories along the plural timelines betwixt and between the past future, contemporary, and upcoming future, thereby allowing the “coda” to be interpreted in various forms and venues.


Her Lab Space

Initiated from multiple imaginations about space, Her Lab Space draws on the living environment, historical memories and trivia of everyday life to conceive, experiment, and create in diverse forms, thereby developing and exploring extra dimensions and probing into the fickle nature. Treating “space” as the primary subject, the team looks into the modalities and appearances of space from multiple perspectives, and expects to engage in more diverse experiments and transdisciplinary collaboration. Starting by surveying spaces and environments, the troupe tries to appropriately situate the “roles” from texts or dramas in real spaces, and find the possibilities for exchange and dialogue between the roles and the venues. It also seeks to create a sense of history and a dialogue of life experiences between roles and different constructions, so as to transmute the “space” from a figment of imagination into a source of spiritual enlightenment. Based on transdisciplinary collaboration, media diversity and multiple experimental spaces, Her Lab Space plans to invite artists from different fields to work together, introducing innovative thinking and opening up possibilities.