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Sound Off
Research and Creation of Ambisonics System in Taiwan Sound Lab and Audio-Visual Presentation with Head-Mounted Display

This project, Artificial Nature - Research and Creation of Ambisonics System in Taiwan Sound Lab and Audio-Visual Presentation with Head-Mounted Display, highlights the sensory experiences of music and sound immersion. Reflection and thought on participatory experiences of listening to the composer’s instrumental and electronic music works and viewing various artworks are encouraged. Moreover, through her research on Ambisonics system in spaces, she explores the subject-object relationship between immersive works and audiences and natural auditory experiences and artificial interpretation. The aim of this project is to provide listeners with “real and unreal” experiences. Esthetic thought is stimulated through the collision of what is expected based on our senses and what is experienced when there is sensory distortion. Moreover, an attempt is made to create a sound-driven thought model using audio-visual and multi-sensory works. 


HUANG Ling-Hsuan

HUANG Ling-Hsuan is a composer who explores the relationships between music and perception, as well as ritual elements and daily life. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Composition from National Taiwan Normal University, Master’s degree from Berlin University of the Arts, and Konzertexamen diploma in Composition from University of Music Karlsruhe where she studied under Wolfgang Rihm. She has also pursued her interest in Sonology at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague.
HUANG creates electronic music and music for installations, in addition to instrumental compositions for solo artists, chamber ensembles, theater companies, and orchestras, drawing inspiration from the senses and musical texture of regularity. Her current focus is on artificial resonance in acoustic and electronic media.
Her vast experience includes working with Badische Staatskapelle, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, musica assoluta, Quartet Revoiced, Pacific Quartet Vienna, and JugendEnsembleNeueMusik. She won the German Music Competition (Deutscher Musikwettbewerb) in 2018 and has received support from the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat). Moreover, her works have been featured at numerous music festivals, including Darmstadt Ferienkurse, and broadcast on Radio Deutschlandfunk and SWR2.