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Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab | Grand Launch & Pilot Forum

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab | Grand Launch & Pilot Forum

From Site to Lab, from Lab to Hub


Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab) will officially be launched this summer at the old Air Force Command Headquarter Base in the metropolitan center of Taipei as a national cultural institution. Its core value is innovation that encourages experimental, interdisciplinary, and collaborative cultural production in hopes of becoming the driving engine to shape the cultural ecosystem of Taiwan in the future.

The Grand Launch & Pilot Forum “From Site to Lab, from Lab to Hub” on August 18 will open with a performance and an image video, immediately followed by two forum sessions with keynote speeches by Sun-gyu Bang, Former President of Asia Culture Center (ACC); Tieh-Chih Chang, Deputy Secretary-General of the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC); Claire-Marie Foulquier-Gazagnes, Policy Manager of Google Arts & Culture; Agung Firmanto Budiharto, co-founder of the Indonesian digital cultural activist group LIFEPATCH; June-Hao Hou, Director of Graduate Institute of Architecture at National Chiao Tung University; and Hsiang-Ling Lai, Director of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab. The morning session will focus on the cultural experimental perspective of large-scale cultural institutions, while the afternoon session will offer a different perspective on the practical experience of each panel speaker within the field of digital humanities as private corporations and cultural activists.

What exactly is a cultural experiment? How can we think about culture in the light of the laboratory working pattern? How does the current digital technology expand upon the potential of cultural production? Beyond the abstract concept, is it possible for us to imagine the state of a cultural experiment from a variety of practical experience? This international forum will try to reflect on the cultural organization methods based on the Asian life experience with the new logic, momentum, and publicness brought forth by digital technology into cultural production with different perspectives of institutions, enterprises, academic, and activists.

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