Press Release
C-LAB’s Outdoor “Wonderland” – Exchanges, Fantasy, and Co-Creation

With the opening of the grounds of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), a park-like setting has been created, accompanied by the outdoor project “Wonderland” based on the themes of Experimental Architecture, Environmental Color Design, Landscape Installation, and Light Art. Moreover, outdoor activities encourage public participation in this new type of urban esthetics park.

DMO Architects, design team City Yeast, artist FENG Cheng-Tsung, light artist HSU Hsun-Hsiang, and interdisciplinary creators HSIEH Yu-Cheng and WANG Chung-Yuan were invited to develop the “Wonderland” installations. Based on the needs for recreation, co-learning, exhibitions, and performances, as well as the attributes of the site’s structures and spaces, a diversity of works have been created, including the structure of Experimental Architecture, street furniture, and game installations to invite the public to experience C-LAB’s cultural and innovative atmosphere.

Experimental Architectural Project: “Brick Circle” Construct

HO Jen-Hwang, FANG Chun-Chieh, and other members of DMO Architects transformed old bricks from C-LAB’s outer walls into cyclically regenerated building materials to complete the structure under the Experimental Architecture Project, which is entitled “Brick Circle”. Located at the corner of Renai and Jianguo South roads, its circular form and steel supports placed at various angles have made it the most identifiable new symbol of C-LAB. Along with three old banyan trees and a historical building, a new public space has been created that is welcoming and open and that provides opportunities for recreation, exhibitions and performances.

Environmental Color Design Project: “Carpet” Outdoor Furnishings

Designer Agua CHOU led the City Yeast team on visits to C-LAB to survey colors in its environment. Following this, they developed interesting outdoor furnishings of simple shapes and forms under the title “Carpet”. To the original red, green, gray, and white color scheme of this former military base have been added bright yellow and blue in the creation of street furniture that encourages the public to break free from the conventional concepts of objects. Moreover, the characteristics and functions of street furniture and art installations simultaneously endowed to “Carpet” instill design esthetics into the public’s daily life.

Landscape Installation Project: “Rolling Plan”

“Rolling Plan” is a participatory creative project. Artist FENG Cheng-Tsung called on nearby residents to work together to create five large woven bamboo spheres on C-LAB’s east lawn to reinterpret historically significant artisanal techniques. The artist first collected old clothes from residents living close to C-LAB, which were washed and transformed into colorful strips. During creative workshops, these residents wound these strips into patterns for these landscape artworks. Through this co-creation process, they learned about and were encouraged to cherish traditional artisanal techniques. These five bamboo balls are now part of the C-LAB recreational experience.

Light Art Project: “Divergence”, “Flowingscape”, “High Voltage”

HSU Hsun-Hsiang created “Divergence”, a high-powered laser light installation to accompany “Brick Circle”, symbolizing the concentration and diffusion of energy. It takes on different appearances based on angle of view, creating a surreal technology-based atmosphere for this circular space after dark. In August, HSU will complete “Flowingscape” next to the former Renai Road guard post. Environmental data, such as wind force and wind direction, are to be collected to drive the direction and speed of light emitted from this installation, leading to real-time changes to the landscape. HSIEH Yu-Cheng and WANG Chung-Yuan have been collaborating on “High Voltage”, to be installed on the east side where the former military base’s gas station once stood, as well as the surrounding lawn. Making use of LED lights, common in modern life, this is to be a giant man-made lightning bolt. This work attempts to simulate a natural and imposing light/energy source and to encourage thought on how artificial light changes the night, technology as an essential element of modern society, and the impact of technology on life.

While removing the outer walls of C-LAB, banyan and hoop pine trees along the Renai Road section have been preserved. Through landscape design, a recreational space has been created under the shade of these trees. Moreover, the addition of vanilla plants has resulted in an extension of the nearby Jianguo Holiday Flower Market. All are welcome to this site to relax, take a stroll, view artworks, and participate in sensory experiences.