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Lab Projects
2022-2024 Taiwan and Australia Choreography Exchange Program

The Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), the Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney, Australia, and Australia’s Critical Path have been co-organizing the 2022-2024 Taiwan and Australia Choreography Exchange Program. This program is open to creators from Taiwan with a background in choreography or digital technology.

Based in Sydney, Critical Path is Australia’s leading choreographic research and development center. The purposes of this three-year exchange program are to raise the international visibility of Taiwanese artists and to encourage co-creation and collaboration between Taiwanese and Australian digital technology-based artists and choreographers. Participating Taiwanese and Australian artists will receive one-to-three-year support for their collaborative projects. Multiple experiments in technology-based art and the performing arts are anticipated to be conducted through the integration of diverse resources and the assistance for the artists to explore the possibilities of body art, helping the development of cross-disciplinary technology-based art in Taiwan and Australia.

Artists can apply to participate in either the Digital Enchantment Lab or the Choreographic Expansion Lab. Those who are selected may have the opportunity to take part in the second-phase Physical Futures Digital Exchange Residences.


Digital Enchantment Lab

This one-week workshop is focused on choreography. It is open to dancers with attempts to use digital tools in their works. Providing an environment for creation and experimentation and led by well-known new media artist Linda DEMENT from Australia, the workshop is to assist participants in better integrating digital tools into their choreographic creations, as well as in familiarizing themselves with data sovereignty, cultural sensitivity, and the unique context of digital technologies.

Choreographic Expansion Lab

This one-week workshop is catered towards digital creators with dance collaborative experiences or experiences in the incorporation or use of choreography in their digital creations. With an environment conducive to creation and experimentation and led by internationally renowned choreographer Eisa JOCSON of the Philippines, the workshop is expected to help participants enhance their choreographic vocabulary, become better able to integrate dance into their works, and develop a more forward-looking creative vision.

Exchange Residencies

From among the artists who complete a first-phase lab project, the organizer and guest facilitators will jointly select participants for second-phase residencies. This year, a two-week residency will be implemented online with selected Australian artists. Artists can use what they have learned and the creative content they have developed during the above-mentioned labs to share their experiences and exchanges with artists in the other discipline.


Applications can be submitted to Only online applications will be accepted. Please do not send application materials by mail.

Application Deadline | 2022/04/18(MON) 17:00(TST)
Result Announcement | Late May 2022
Download | 2022-2024 Taiwan and Australia Choreography Exchange Program
Contact | [email protected] / (02)87735087#537
Organizer | Ministry of Culture, Taiwan / Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney / Critical Path / Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)