Technology Media Platform-FUTURE VISION LAB



To explore the future of and possibilities for breakthroughs in visual effects, the experimental exhibition and performance project FUTURE VISION LAB was launched in 2020, in which the DOME was developed based on the concepts of digital architecture. Measuring 12 meters in diameter and 6 meters in height, the DOME houses ultra-high-resolution system for surround projection and exhibition. A fully immersive audiovisual experience is created by integrating image rendering, mapping, software and hardware systems, and surround sound system to challenge the limits of the senses and create fantastical worlds combining the reality and virtuality. This is a movable immersive space and experimental lab, with the goal of creating an innovative vision for the future of visual effects. A small workstation is also set up for system and project research and development. Every year, through the processes of open-call and commission, it supports experimental audio-visual and cross-disciplinary creation.

C-LAB Technology Media Platform focuses on experimental innovation and social connection. With an interdisciplinary, co-creative, and collaborative approach, C-LAB is constructed into a cultural and technological experimental platform containing a broad range of media and technology laboratories.

Structure Chart

Technology Media Platform-FUTURE VISION LAB