Gathering Space, West i-CENTER

During the period of housing Air Force Command Headquarters, compared to the grand front gate on Renai Road, the side gate at the intersection of Jianguo South Road and Jinan Road was used more frequently and served other functions. With two gateways, the Military Police Command (now Gathering Space), which served as a reception area, was in the middle and there was an infirmary (now West i-CENTER) that provided medical services to the general public. Civilians were not allowed to enter the second gate that opened onto the restricted military zone, creating a neutral buffer zone. Currently, this is the main entrance to C-LAB. Under the “Art Wall Project” the surrounding walls have been decorated in a red-and-white grid pattern by artist YANG Jun.


Across from the front gate was a market that provided for the needs of the then newly settled residents in the nearby military dependents’ villages. Eateries served different cuisines to provide military personnel with the foods of their hometowns. There were also high-end restaurants and bars that catered to high-ranking military officers for their social gatherings. The changing economic activities, shops and businesses in the area show how the landscape of this neighborhood was altered due to the military presence.