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Sound Off
Cross-Section of Daily Life

This artist presents unique and meaningful phenomena based on his observations of Taipei and experiences in Cross-Section of Daily Life. These include the relationships among people, buildings and spaces, and buildings, spaces and people. These are everyday phenomena that seem alien rather than familiar as images were recorded using the point cloud method. The technological perspective replaces that of the artist in renewed thinking and interpretations of perceptions of people and things. In addition, this artist attempts to integrate perceived images and actual recordings. When an audio-visual work serves as a method of conveyance, memory and senses are brought into the same dimension to stimulate thought.



HUANG Wei graduated from the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts. Specializing in audio-visual performances, interactive image design, and installations, his works are based on his observations of life. Through visual perception, extraordinary images become part of daily life. In his works, he emphasizes perception and sensory experiences. Moreover, he is devoted to creating algorithm-based performances that combine images and sound.