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The Anti-domination in the Era of “Face Swiping”

As the primary interface to communicate with the world, the most distinct part of human beings-- the “face” was put into a coordinate system for capturing features under the structure of the algorithm. It thus becomes a data, a moment of area, a cluster, or even a “currency”— the materials can be observed from a long distance which would provide abundant information once they are analyzed. If the face became the “key” to connect all the personal information, how would it affect the future social norm? The vocabulary of different social characteristics is used to interpret the actions behind the technology; the “face” will be considered as a preparatory path for cultural language to be studied independently. The government of China reduced all the identification techniques with the brief term “face-swiping,” transforming the sarcastic internet slang (of being boldfaced) into digital currency (payment). Such a cultural war which interprets the new experiences and tools manifests that the power structure of technological civilization has shifted significantly. What perspective and interpreting methods should Taiwan, where people pursue different human values, take to fight against the power structure as mentioned above?


SHIH Yi-Shan

Shih Yi-Shan is the founder of “Declaration of Airborne Auto-Dynamic Power.” She focuses on objectification, history of science and technology, history of materials, cultural criticism, cultural and ecological construction, futural human interface, development of dialogue tools, (artistic) language translation. She is now preparing to launch the “Future Culture Research Collective.”