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As an Art Worker, How Do We Organize Ourselves?

The project will be three-fold. 1. As an artist, how should we work within the contemporary art world? How should we organize ourselves? 2. Among the public funding, market mechanism, and self-sustainability, what is the other possibility for artists? 3. If sharing and co-working is an alternative plan for artists, what kind of practical experience can the previous and current modes of sharing offer the artists? These questions serve as the theoretical context and basis; and then, we should further focus on Taiwan’s situation and rephrase the questions. In local context, how do artists organize themselves? How is the “identity of an artist” built? The project takes contemporary dance as its primary target, and then extending to (general) fields of performing art and visual art.


WU Meng-Hsuan

Wu Meng-Hsuan is a PhD student at Graduate School of Dance Studies at Taipei National University of the Arts and an accredited writer for Performing Arts Review. She has been the curatorial assistant in Mekong Cultural Hub, the curator at the Genie Lab at Taipei National University of the Arts, the editor of performing arts of Artplus, the critic of performing art project for National Culture and Arts Foundation. She is a dancer, a creator, and also a critic and researcher on performing and art-making.