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Creation/Research Support
Audiovisualizer in da house.

As to the project “Audiovisualizer in da house.,” during the period, Zuirens will broadcast the online live audiovisual shows while the presentation will be more genres than electronic music. Under the premise that the visitors won’t disturb the show, the audience is allowed to visit the studio and see how the show worked. Furthermore, the artists are invited to share their experiences with Zuirens and the interviews will be videotaped as digital archives. In the late stage, Zuirens will organize an audiovisual performance party that takes digital audiovisual art as the core concepts, cooperating with digital artists, who will be responsible for the stage design, closing up the project with the accumulated experiences and energy.



When Zuirens was founded (2006), it used to be an online magazine focusing on VJ culture. Around 2008, it has organized VJ and live audiovisual performance parties gathering excellent local electronic musicians, bands, visual artists, and artists of digital audiovisual art. Meanwhile, it included the fields of electronic and digital sound, broadly introducing the practices, works and tool of audiovisual art. In 2017, Zuirens launched the livestreaming project with the self-developed player to make the audiovisual live show “Living Moment.” Visual artists will instantly capture the DJ performance and process with the visual system, applying the parametric filter of sound.