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Creation/Research Support
Punishment 2030

Punishment 2030 will build a fictional future world to investigate issues of crime and punishment by engaging with discussion around judging procedures, an interface co-governed with machines, and the participation of art performance and action.

The underlying technical point of view in Punishment 2030 is constructed from the concept of a digital twin system. A digital twin is mostly used in industrial processes. It is a 1:1 model which faithfully replicates a physical setting in digital simulation on an information platform by integrating physical feedback data which is supplemented by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software analysis. The digital simulation is related to the real world.

In this project, a set of judgments will be created, in each of which will be a future prison, relying on digital twin technology and about 10 AI measurements methods. This approach will make otherwise unmeasurable variables measurable, such as group onlookers in cyberspace toward the victims, and these factors may also include the existence of judges and supervisors. In these artificial future prisons, the set of sentencing procedures will reflect and punish the “evil” an individual has perpetrated in the real world through social media.


2022.04.01(FRI) 2022.11.30(WEDS)

SHIH Yi-Shan

Founder for the Air Autogenous Power Manifesto, Shih is chiefly interested in technology, arts, new media, cultural phenomena, and cryptozoology.