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Your Digital Twin

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid increase in the use of online services. According to research from Global Web Index (Q2, 2021), 16 to 64 year olds spend an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes on the internet each day. In Taiwan, this figure is 8 hours and 3 minutes meaning that Taiwanese spend nearly half of their day online.

The trajectory of our digital lives gradually builds an alternative version of us; a twin who lives in the digital environment. What would they look like if they could be visualized through algorithms and character-modeling programs? Assuming that we are the “true” self in the real world and the “meta” self online, are they identical? Or is the digital version more authentic? The one who doesn’t need to conform to the expectations of the physical society?

Your Digital Twin is built on three core elements of programming, physiognomy, and avatar. The project analyzes user data from online services and visualizes it in human form using physiognomic principles and an avatar modeling program. After the avatars are generated, a “Reclaiming the Meta Self” workshop invites experts in physiognomy to review the subjects and their avatars and assess their similarities and differences. This project invites the public to discuss the authenticity of our true and meta selves and explore how they are defined and affected ahead of the metaverse era.


2022.04.01(FRI) 2022.11.30(WEDS)

HSU Sheng-Kai

Hsu Sheng-Kai is an interdisciplinary designer and graduate of the Man and Leisure program at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. His work focuses on the relationship between technology, individuals, and society, and his work is primarily built on the “media” of experiences, services, and interactive installations. He participated in the co-curation of Contemporary Housing and Society in Taiwan, and his work Deepself was exhibited at Tec Art 2019 as part of Art Rotterdam Week.

Based on Google’s principle of the user profile, Hsu can also be: Male; 25 to 34 years old; no children; speaks Chinese and another language. He works in the technology field. He is concerned about green living and the environment, women’s issues, and social networking. He is interested in content management, decentralized and cloud computing, enterprise and productivity software, and multimedia software. In his leisure time, he participates in outdoor and water-based activities. He has diverse hobbies, including role-playing games, dance and electronic music, swimming pools, saunas, and spas. Dogs are his favorite animal.