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The Science Fiction of Inter-volcanic Islands: Trans-disciplinary Practice of Geo-art, Ufology and Volcanology

This project is an extension of the group’s ongoing interest in the scientific and non-scientific narratives of volcanic history. The aim is to further develop Project Nightcrawler and Project Night Voyager to create an open, perhaps controversial, form of knowledge production through social performance that sits between science and non-science. This project will also deepen the connections between the volcanic islands to the north of Taiwan, including Guishan Island, Keelung Islet, Pengjia Islet, Mianhua Islet, Huaping Islet, and Yonaguni Island, as well as dozens of submarine volcanoes, alongside its investigation of the untold links between UFO accounts, human activity, and geological history. Through the collaboration of knowledge and technology from ufology and volcanology, this project aims to map the alternative history submerged in the evolution of scientific knowledge in Taiwan.


2022.05.02(MON) 2022.10.31(MON)

Engineering of Volcano Detonating

Engineering of Volcano Detonating is an artist group formed by Liang Ting-Yu, Hsu Po-Yen, Lu Chun-Cha, and Lu Guan-Hong in 2016. Following a series of smoke rising projects in Yangmingshan National Park, the group began artistic exploration of the relationship between city and volcano in 2017. Using media images of volcanoes from throughout the 2010s, they sought to investigate the demonization of volcanoes by the mass media and the othering of nature by the city.

From 2018 to 2019, the group undertook the project Flaming Mountains, a concatenation of corporeal intervention and field surveys in volcanic craters. With the relationships between volcanoes, cities, and humans being at the core of their work, they began to develop the idea of “neg-geography” in 2019 and have put it into the practice of their geo-art ever since.

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