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2021 PLAY ARTS Festival – The Alchemy of Joy

During these many months of the pandemic, people have had to continuously adjust. Regardless of gender or age they have had to learn and coexist with various measures, with anxiety turning into adaptation. "Due to the pandemic" has become a common phrase this year. Moreover, the Play Arts Festival, usually held in late summer, is taking place in December for the first time. Originally planned with the heat of late summer in mind, it is now a winter arts celebration with people dressed in warm clothing and drinking hot beverages.


In this atmosphere, have you found a way to try and create your own joy?


The theme of this year's Play Arts Festival is "The Joy of Alchemy".  It is hoped that through continuous experimentation and the performing arts we can create joy together with audiences amidst the invisible pressures of the pandemic and the feelings of helplessness from having to abide by new norms.


We have invited the House Peace team, known for its diverse and creative exhibitions and performances. With a focus on comedy, it has planned mission games, solo performances, and music performances. In addition, Meng-Hsuan Wu, who has a background in dance curation and criticism, has developed a Family Online Program Series and Dance Online Series. C-LAB's long-term project Music Oasis also takes place during this festival to bring healing through music. Moreover, the C-LAB production team has invited circus art groups to present works that are integrated with C-LAB's spaces, while the marketplace features special projects, such as a theatrical-style auction, performing artist slashie booths, art-themed multi-level games, and live broadcasts of children’s perspectives. From offline to online, we look forward to seeing you and to your participation.


During this arts festival, it is hoped that you will perceive the smiling faces of people under their masks and hear the amazing stories of creators at the appropriate distance. After these few short days of activities and events, please bring the warmth and joy of this arts festival with you and share them with the people around you and your future self.



Play Arts Team


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