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2023 C-LAB Sound Art Festival: DIVERSONICS

After five years of experimental collision and cross-domain collaboration the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) has built a platform for intense exchanges in terms of artistic reflection and expression technological research and development and social and public development. The rapid technological advancement in our contemporary era has necessitated a deconstruction of the existing frameworks and the renewal of imagination on the existing foundation. This software engineering on the level of thinking is like the recent renovation at the C-LAB enabling the co-creation of a prosperous and emerging future where the old and the new are compatible and coexist.


In its third edition the C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics this year features various performances as well as IRCAM Forum & Workshops on trends and practices of music technology. Additionally for the long-planned Metropolis cine-concert the iconic sci-fi silent film is combined with contemporary composition and chamber music along with electronic sounds and a soundscape designed by the IRCAM team bringing a refreshing audio-visual sensory feast to National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying). Cross-disciplinary productions achieved through incubation and matchmaking are presented in the six sections of this festival namely Contemporary Music & Sounds VR: New Soundscape Dance & Sounds Inter-Artistic Expressions Academy and Poetry & Sounds featuring around 50 new works co-productions and re-productions through the contribution of over 200 artists performers and technology professionals interweaving a variety of music and sounds with works in dialogue and widening and deepening the expression and content of music and sounds. Furthermore certain works explore or question the artificial intelligence (AI) a technology that will soon overwhelm human society.


2023 C-LAB Sound Art Festival: DIVERSONICS

Duration|2023.10.6 FRI. ~ 2023.11.19 SUN.

Venue|C-LAB (Spatial Audio Field, Studio 3, R102 Coworking Space, Art Space I, Art Space I|Gray Box, FUTURE VISION LAB 2023, Square II, Art Space IV, Art Space III, Grassland by the Wind Stage, Multi-function Space), Opera House National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taoyuan Arts Center, Double Square Gallery.


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👉 IRCAM Metropolis Cine-Concert

👉 Listening Cities: Taipei A Sound Magazine

👉 Pandora Illusion - Infinite Odyssey

👉 System Tandm





Contemporary Music & Sounds

  • Hello》–66 Musica *End
  • Sounds》–3PEOPLEMUSIC *End
  • Capriccio ExTpt》–TSENG Yu-Chung, DENG Hsei-Ping, CHEN I-Ju *End
  • Digit(s) - Initial // start from 1》–Allen WU, 晟 SHENG, CHEN Liang *End
  • Interface Poetry》–SKYGGE *End
  • Migration》–Leaf YEH *End
  • The Ancestors: Illusory Vision》–LAI Tsung-Yun *End
  • Aileron of Soul: Exhalation》–WU Ping-Sheng *End
  • Nature's Pulse》–ufa *End
  • VSL Feat. Sonic Deadhorse *End
  • Elephant Gym × CHANG Hsin-Yu *End
  • IRCAM Metropolis Cine-Concert–TimeArt Studio, Department of Music of Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei Percussion *End
  • Vibration Forest》–Alexandre Lévy *End
  • IRCAM Workshop: Selected Works–HUANG Chi-Yen, SHYU Li-Hsin, LIEN Wen-Chia, CHANG Yu-Hsin, Feng Zi-Ming, WANG Chih-Te, LIU Hui-Wen *End
  • Impossible Trilemma》–Olivier Pasquet *End
  • Landscape on the New Horizon of Sheng: A Tale of Two Cities – An Interactive Multimedia-based Musical for Sheng》–LI Li-Chin *End
  • Listening Cities: Taipei, A Sound Magazine》–Ensemble KNM Berlin *Get the ticket


VR: New Soundscape

  • NTT x C-LAB ZHAO Ting-Ting, HSIEH Wen-Yee, HUANG Chi-Yen OOBE *End
  • LIMBOTOPIA - Impermanence》–HUANG Ling-Hsuan, HSIEH Wen-Yee *End


Dance & Sounds

  • R》–LIN Yu-Ju, TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, LIN Mei-Fang *End
  • NTT x C-LAB YEH Yu-Hsuan, CHENG Dao-Yuan, HSIAO Yu-Li Re-Fracture *End
  • Pandora Illusion - Infinite Odyssey》–HSIEH Hsien-Te, HSIAO Ching-Hsin, YEH Ting-Hao *End
  • System Tandm》–HSIAO Ching-Shin × C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab × PROJECT ZERO *Get the ticket


Inter-Artistic Expressions

  • Worn Away》–CHEN Chieh-Jen *End 
  • Current/y》–CHEN Yi *Get the ticket
  • Between I》–SHYU Ruey-Shiann *End
  • Miedka, Faces of the Wild》–Alexandre Lévy & Élise Dabrowski *End
  • Resonant Memory: Echoes between You and Me》–HSIAO Ching-Shin *End
  • Resonant Memory: Entanglement of Sound and Body》–HSIAO Ching-Shin *End
  • Whose Scalpel 2.0》–CHANG Yen-Tzu *End
  • Lost Aura: Lingering Sound and Image of the Political Warfare Building》–C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab *End
  • Sound Installation: Myst & Soul》–CHANG Hsin-Yu *End
  • an·other voice》–Judith Deschamps *End
  • The Middle Room》–KUAN Ching-Ya *End
  • Echoes of the Land》–Ivan LIU & Future Narratives Lab *End



  • Clang-Puff-Achoo Instrumental, Electroacoustic, and Electronics Concert》–Music Gifted Class, Taichung Municipal Cingshuei Senior High School *End
  • 《Electronic Music from the HKAPA》–Composition and Electronic Music Department, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts *End
  • Artificial Galaxy》–Department of New Media Art and Department of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts *End
  • Ad hoc voyages》–National Taiwan Normal University College of Music, Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, Interdisciplinary Studies in Music and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering *End
  • Cinema for the Ear: “ReverberationInstrument, Interactive Technology, and Multi-Channel Electroacoustic Music Concert》–Composition and Technology Electronic Technology Music Institute of Music, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University *Get the ticket
  • 《Birth of Channels Concert Based on Multi-Channel Immersive Audio-Visual Interaction》–Composition and Technology Multimedia New Music, Institute of Music, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University *Get the ticket


Poetry & Sounds

  • Sound of Becoming》–WANG Yu-Jun *End
  • Floating》–ufa *End
  • They never existed.》–HUANG Ling-Hsuan *End
  • 《Reflections on Modernist Poetry: Be⁷ 記得“Forgotten”》–Ross Aftel, LIN Ying-Chen & Nubbin DAI *End


IRCAM Forum & Workshops

  • New Soundscape, Sound Transformation and AI–IRCAM Benoît Alary, Pierre Guillot *End



  • Context-Based Music Generation Using AI: Case Review–Tomek Jarolim & Xavier Boissarie *End
  • Artists’ Talks–SKYGGE & Judith Deschamps *End



Production Team|

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

Advisor: Ministry of Culture

Organizer: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

Chairperson: PENG Chun-Heng

Executive Director: HSIEH Tsui-Yu

Curatorial Team: C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab, Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM)

Collaborating Institution: Casino Luxembourg, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), National Taichung Theater, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taitung County Government, Taoyuan Arts Center, Taipei Percussion, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Double Square Gallery

Co-organizer: National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei National University of the Arts, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Taichung Municipal Cingshuei Senior High School

Co-producer: IRCAM, Casino Luxembourg, National Taichung Theater

Sponsor: Bureau français de Taipei

Strategic Alliance: One More Festival, Taoyuan Iron Rose Festival, Taiwan Science Festival, Taitung Sound Art Festival

Designated Hotel: MGH Mitsui Garden Hotel Taipei Zhongxiao

Head of Programming: Cécile HUANG

Project Manager: Cécile HUANG, Katherine KUO, LIN Ying-Chen, HUNAG Yi-Lun, CHENG Yung-Hsin, Sylvie LIN, SU Guan-Hua

Technical Director: CHEN Hsin-Kuei, LAI Wei-Yu

Audio Engineering: Topsound, Feb Production, Blackrice Creative Studio

Master Planner for Sound: HSIEH Hsien-Te

Sound Design: HSIEH Hsien-Te, PAN Hua-Yen, TSANG Jing-Shiuan, CHEN Shu-Huang

Music Consultant: CHEN Chia-Hui

Stage Manager & Technician Coordination: HiSPOT Workshop Inc. (CHEN Bai-Yen)

Technical Support: Feb Production, Blackrice Creative Studio

Sound Art Exhibition Team: Viviane ROI, THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, LIN Yu-Liang, Hua Kung Engineering Co. Ltd., CWS

Event Assistant: YU Meng-Ling

Visual Design: CHUANG Teng-Hsiang

Translation: Sylvie LIN

Marketing: LIU Yu-Ching, Kiki HUANG, Joy LIN, Peggy CHEN, Stacey HUANG

Administration: ZHOU Ya-Chen, WU Dar-Kuen, CHEN Kou-Cheng, WANG Yun-Yuh, LIN Jhih-Ming, Cynthia WANG, Viviane ROI, TSAI Chi-Hung, Sally XIE, HSU FangWen, YU Meng-Ling, SHIH Meng-Chun, HSIEH Yu-Li, LEE Hou-Chi, TSAI ChengChieh, YUAN Yin, Cheryl CHIANG, Sam LAI, PAN Yu-Hsiu


IRCAM Centre-Pompidou

Director: Frank Madlener

Artistic Programming Deputy Director: Suzanne Berthy

Production Director: Cyril Béros

Communication & Partnership Director: Marine Nicodeau

Communication Manager: Emilie Boissonnade

Events & Marketing Manager of IRCAM Forum: Paola Palumbo

PhD / Researcher, Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces (EAC): Benoît Alary

Project Manager / Lead Developer (Innovation & Research Ressources): Pierre Guillot

Education Department Director: Philippe Langlois

Educational Advisor: Johannes Régnier

Computer Music Designer: Etienne Démoulin

Sound Engineer: Sylvain Cadars

Technical Manager: Aline Morel

Project Manager: Aurèlia Ongena