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The Shape of Things to Come: CREATORS 5th Anniversary | Special Screening



CHANG Li-Ren, CHENG Yuan, RUI Lan-Xin
FM100.8 (Spatial record ver.)|29'10''|Color, Sound|2020

Bygone scenes that have been left behind, empty hallways and standardized entrances and rooms, and landscapes that have become outdated in today’s time, all of these seem to suggest a doctrine and order that used to exist and also a collective existence and action that used to take place. Similar experiences that had occurred throughout different periods in time seem to partially overlap and connect, as they interlock with one another in different times and spaces.  

HUNG Wei-Lin (Libera work-gang)
Keep Writing|7'30''|Color, Sound|2019

From Industrial Research Institute of the Taiwan Governor-General's Office during the period of Japanese rule to the Nationalist government's Air Force Command Headquarters, and then Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab. While the building has played diverse roles in different eras, the man has been trapped inside and transcribed the “judgment” of military-political prisoners with rhythm continuously. The crimes are described in excruciating detail. Is he writing down the evidence recognized by the state or the confusion, separation, and nostalgia that passed through space and time? 

Engineering of Volcano Detonating
The History of Yen|27'00''|Color, Sound|2021

The History of Yen originated from the tales of a red-eyed, red-skinned short man who resides around Datun Volcano Group; the project depicts the connection between extraterrestrial life, UFO sightings, ancient tomes, relics, and devil gods (môo-sîn). Various heterogeneous knowledge is agglomerated in the geographical field of volcanoes, weaving into a science fiction narrative towards The City on Volcanoesin the near future. 

HSU Che-Yu, CHEN Wan-Yin
Rabbit 314|7'17''|Color, Silent|2020

This work is a cooperation with HSU Che-Yu's long-time collaborator, scriptwriter Chen Wan-Yin. The death of a laboratory rabbit initiated this project. A glove puppetry performer with the laboratory rabbit's dead body in hand reenacts the movements - imagined by humans - of rabbits. 

HSU Che-Yu, CHEN Wan-Yin
The Unusual Death of a Mallard|16'45''|Color, Sound|2020

This work is a cooperation between artist HSU Che-Yu and his long-time collaborator, scriptwriter CHEN Wan-Yin. As Hsu recalls, “My grandma served in an animal laboratory for 30 years. Due to the particularity of her job, grandma had to dissect living animals for observation and experiments. Sometimes, she would take the laboratory animals home, which later became my father's childhood playmates. 

LI Yi-Fan
howdoyouturnthison|16'32''|Color, Sound|2021

A digital human appears in a strange manner, mumbling about childhood memories, the history of animation, and science fiction... The fragmented message subtly outlined the status of contemporary post-human. howdoyouturnthison uses virtual reality features in the game engine to develop his video performance tool and tries to manipulate the narrative based on the operation of Machinima during the 1990s. In this absurd research and development process, he disclosed the complex relationship between human emotional expression and the machine medium. 



Place|Cinema B, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute(Info
Date |2022/09/02 (Fri.) – 09/04 (Sun.) 14:00-15:44
* Free Admission
* Each session screens six works in number sequence, total duration 104 mins


SupervisorMinistry of Culture
Organizer|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
Collaborator|Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute