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DIY Virus Fighter Workshop Series: DIY UV Light Box Workshop

C-LAB’s Technology Media Experimental Platform focuses on experimental innovation and social connection. With an interdisciplinary, co-creative, and collaborative approach, C-LAB is constructed into a cultural and technological experimental platform containing a broad range of media and technology laboratories.

The escalating COVID-19 pandemic panics people around the globe. To fight against the pandemic with a maker’s spirit, C-LAB is organizing a series of workshops for DIY Micro:bit Infrared Thermometer, DIY UV Light Box, etc. Experts from biomedicine, electrical engineering, Tech Art, and architecture collectively initiate and contribute to the workshops, share and practice their knowledge, and empower each other to act through art to handle this crisis. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in these workshops which bring together Tech Art with chic design and take tangible action in this global fight. Participants of the workshops will learn the principles and the methods of UV light disinfection, and be equipped with the ability to make their own Micro:bit, a pocket-sized infrared forehead thermometer.

DIY Virus Fighter Workshop Series II: DIY UV Light Box Workshop

Could ultraviolet (UV) light be used to disinfect face masks? Do you know that UV light can kill germs? In this workshop, bio-artist Theresa Tsun-Hui TSAO will talk about how UV light sanitizes and discuss about its safety issues. Maker movement experts, Andrew LIN and TSAI Chi-Hung, will then guide everyone to modify UV light devices into DIY disinfecting boxes. New media artist HSIEH Yu-Cheng will also share his approaches and creativities with UV lights. Come and learn about UV light’s super power!

Date and Time: Sunday 26th April, 14:00-17:00

Venue: C-LAB Art Space I 1F (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Da’an District, Taipei)


** The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Please sign-up on Accupass**

**Each participant will need to bring a portable charger and a micro USB cable to the workshop**


C-LAB upholds the spirit of open culture and free sharing, and all the information from these workshops, including written information, images, designs, and programming codes, will be available to the public under CC0 - Creative Commons.


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About the Lecturers

Andrew LIN

Network communication software engineer, Andrew Lin, has been a “weekend maker” since he came into contact with open-source hardware in 2014 and new media art in 2015.

Theresa Tsun-Hui TSAO

Theresa Tsun-Hui TSAO was graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, with a PhD majoring on biotechnology. She then worked for many years as a postdoc in National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University Hospital. In 2019, she joined the College of Arts, National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan, and hosts the NTHU BioArt Laboratory. Her works, Suffocating@Love, Needle Therapy, Blood Power Station, HEREiAM™, and EdiGenics, applied medical(-like) procedures, biotechniques, and genetic engineering to explore the distortion of perception and the limitation of technology.

TSAI Chi-Hung

Coming from a background in information, TSAI Chi-Hung works with new media art and focuses on merging analog and digital elements in a diverse range of ways. In recent years, he continues to experiment and collaborate with people from different disciplines and specializes in integrating different technologies to explore different media’s potential.

HSIEH Yu-Cheng

HSIEH Yu-Cheng, specializes in mixed media and spatial installations. His works often skillfully create on-site optical illusions to explore objectivity among image, machine and phenomena of illusions, in the hope of corresponding to the knowledge acquiring and existential state of human beings and the world. HSIEH Yu-Cheng was awarded first prize at TDCC Brainstorming Contemporary Arts Award 2018, NEXT ART TAINAN 2018, Silver Medal at National Art Exhibition 2016 for New Media Art Category, and was selected in S-An Art Award 2016 for Plastic Arts, ELIA – NEUNOW 2016-2017.


Creative Team

Presenter: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) – Technology Media Experimental Platform
Concept Director: Escher TSAI
Biology Lecturer: Theresa Tsun-Hui TSAO
Electrical Engineering Lecturer: Andrew LIN, TSAI Chi-Hung
New Media Art Lecturer: HSIEH Yu-Cheng
Program Designer: Andrew LIN
Hardware Designer: Andrew LIN, TSAI Chi-Hung
Style Designr: HUANG Weiwei, Jason LEE
Executive Producer: CHEN Ping-Yi, Monique CHIANG, HSIEH Che-Min
Marketing & Promotion: LIU Yuching, Sean HUANG, Jimmy HUNG
Visual Designer: CHIU Hsi-Ming
Manual Designer: Awai Tswei
Photographer: Vincent SANG, HUANG Po-Chao
Live-Stream: Oris CHEN, Ed
Licensing Consultant: CHUANG Tyng-Ruey