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Pulima Art Festival : The 101 Story Creation Workshop

We have long been surrounded by many objects in life, from the clothes and glasses we wear to the 3C products we carry about. But in addition to these objects with practical functions, there are other objects with spiritual meanings, such as the first dear john letter, ticket stub to the first movie watched with a crush.

In this workshop, we look at objects in our everyday life through different perspectives and try to express ourselves using these objects. We can tell stories through objects, be it an actual event or an imaginary world.

Speaker / Talum Isbabanal

Date / 2021.08.15 (Sun)  14:00-16:00

Venue / C-LAB, Art Space II, 2F

Open to  General Public

Online registration /

★ Please Note:

  • Participants must prepare 5 objects that are easy to carry. Note that anyone may have the need to use someone else's object.
  • Wear something easy to move about in, physical movement is required.
  • Bring an adventurous heart.


★ Visitors are advised to make registration online in advance. On-site registration is available when there are vacancies. In case of typhoons or epidemic control, etc. The organizer will send updated information to the applicants by e-mail.