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Pulima Art Festival : The Magical Forest –Environmental and Dance Improvisation

Observe and imagine the various forms of plants and extend daily movements into dance moves. Experience the space, strength, and speed of the body movement through this creative process and in response to the natural environment's light, shadow, shape, and texture. Environmental education is further connected with life education to learn to love and respect. 

Speaker / Miru Xiumuyi and Li Pei-shan

Date / 2021.08.07 (Sat)  *Please noted this event has been postponed to 08.22 (Sun.) 14:00-16:00. *

Venue / C-LAB, Art Space II, 2F

Open to 4th-7th Graders

Online registration /

* Visitors are advised to make registration online in advance. On-site registration is available when there are vacancies. In case of typhoons or epidemic control, etc. The organizer will send updated information to the applicants by e-mail.