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Online Event
Lám-Nuā #1: Translating Collectively as Care

System of Conductors: More-than-Human Technical Studies for Transentient Becomings ( is a collaborative project facilitated by four arts practitioners. Leading by artist Jui-Lan Yao, we transforms the experience of working with tech-object in media art to further explore the conductivity.

Lám-Nuā, hosted by curator Shih-yu Hsu and translator Renyu Wu, can be techniques of hibernation. Lám-Nuā is a mixture of earth and water. Lám-Nuā is togetherness. Keep the indebted embodiment of ‘Bodies of Water’ in mind, to sense what we might have overlooked in Taiwan.

There will be four reading events (05/07, 06/10, 08/12, 11/04) and outdoor activities this year. For the last event in November, we invite anthropologist and curator Hsieh, I-Yi to wrap-up discussions on the readings of this year.


  • Date and Time: 7th, May, 14:00-16:00 (GMT+8)
  • Location: C-LAB CREATORS’ Space R303 Multi-Function Room (3F) + Online (
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Speaker: Shih-yu Hsu & Renyu Wu
  • Registration (link)
  • Visual Design: Renyu Wu
  • With the support of C-LAB CREATORS project


🐌【Lám-Nuā #1】

System of Conductors Collaboratory (feat. Lám-Nuā) invites participants to READ OUT LOUD AND LISTEN TO TOGETHER seminal texts related to feminist environmental humanities, to feel the flow of information, and to make a container for intimate (albeit public) enablements, through the process of listening to each others' voice, tone, and the reading environment. In the first session, Renyu and Shih-yu will share their experience of translating, and organizing field trips, as well as problems they encountered during hosting the Bodies of Water reading group. This presentation is based on a previous presentation with Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research (AFSAR) both online and onsite at a.p. Berlin on 10th March 2023.🐌【READINGS (TO READ OUT LOUD AND LISTEN TO TOGETHER)】

Anniyah Martin, (2023). Tidal Pools As Containers of Care. In T. Tesoriero (Eds.), Ellipses [...] Journal of Creative Research, Issue [4] Architectures of The South: Bruising, Wounding, Healing, Remembering, Returning, and Repairing. University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. (We will read the abstract section together)

Marambio, C. and Lykke, N. (2022). Twinning. In S.Hessler (Eds.), Sex Ecologies, pp.185-203.

All are welcome to join. We will plan to be together for 2 hours; you are welcome to come or go to meet your needs.


🐌【Lám-Nuā #0】

Since October 2021, Renyu and Shih-yu have been revising the Chinese version of "Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology" by Astrida Neimanis, which was translated by Renyu and Google Translate during April to July while a big drought occurred in Taiwan earlier that year. A series of online study/reading sessions then grew organically along the process of translation. Many readers' ideas and feedback were infused into the Chinese translation texts, grounding the theory in Taiwan as islanders. Translating collectively unravels our previous preconception of what (why and how) to see, to feel, to sense and to care about the world.


🐌【host of Lám-Nuā】

🦕 Shih-yu Hsu is an independent researcher and writer. She has been a member of the study group lám-nuā since 2021. She graduated from Communication Engineering and Visual Art Administration at National Central University in Taiwan and New York University. Her research field includes image, media and new material feminism. She co-founded bi-lingual online media art platform SCREEN in 2015 and was the executive assistant of Taiwan Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2017. She was the curator at Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2018-2021. Her writing on art has been published on several publications including, Artist Magazine, Art Investment, Leap, No Man’s Land and Yishu.

🐠 Renyu Wu is a freelance researcher and translator. Graduated from BA(Hon) Media and Cultural Studies, University of the Arts London, she is gravitated towards community building and dialectical art practices that address social equality, “reduce stress, restore sanity and improve everyone’s well-being.”