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Creation/Research Support
System of Conductors: More-than-Human Technical Studies for Transentient Becomings

"Semiconductors" have revealed to us that the possibility of conduction does not lie in the essence of matter, but in the state of the material to which it belongs. System of Conductors is a collaborative project by four arts workers who endeavor to re-examine the significant role of conductor in theories of new-materialism. From the molecular perspective, YAO Jui-Lan investigates the extractive economy (mining) behind modern technology development, exploring the operational foundation of consumer electronics as well as the value systems behind.

From the information perspective, curator HSU Shi-Yu and translator WU Re-Yu collaborate on the reading group “Lám-Nuā.”This Taiwanese term  means soft and rotten, referring to the impedance of information transmission created by the mixture of earth and water. From the perspective of force, researcher CHU Feng-Yi digs into the interaction between planetary gravitational diffraction and mythological projection of human civilization.

System of Conductors leads participants to rethink the new-materialist epistemology related to conduction, relationships, value, and other aspects by entering different states of knowledge contexts through activities including "FEELed Walk," "Lám-Nuā reading," and "Cross-Dimensions broadcasting."


CHU Feng-Yi

CHU Feng-Yi earned his PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, where his research focused on theories of identity, nationalism, social discourses, and political ideologies. He has worked as the program convener for the Taiwan Studies Program at St Anthony's College, University of Oxford, and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. CHU’s recent curatorial projects include: “Relocating Divinity” (2019), “Cross-Dimensions Transmission” (2020), “Zoo of Inverted Forms” (collateral exhibition for the 2020 Taiwan Art Biennial), “Dear Block Chen” (2021), and “Nostalgia Is a Waving Flag” (2022).

YAO Jui-Lan

An artist based in Taiwan. M.F.A in New Media, Taipei National University of the Arts, with exchange experience at École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges in France as an exchange student. Her works are mainly based on interactive technology, relational aesthetics and electronics. Her recent interests focus on technical material and metaphors behind technology development. Her artist in residence experiences include STUPIN (TAV, 2017), “Peripheralized People: Solastalgia between Taiwan and Nepal III,” (NexUs, 2019), and C-LAB CREATORS project (2023). Her artwork was selected and exhibited in the Taiwan Biennial (2020), Dear Block Chen (2021).

HSU Shih-Yu

HSU Shih-Yu is an independent researcher and writer. She has been a member of the study group Lám-Nuā since 2021. She graduated from Communication Engineering and Visual Arts Administration at National Central University in Taiwan and New York University. Her research field includes image, media and new material feminism. She co-founded bi-lingual online media art platform SCREEN in 2015 and was the executive assistant of Taiwan Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2017. She was the curator at Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2018-2021. Her writing on art has been published on several publications including, Artist Magazine, Art Investment, Leap, No Man’s Land and Yishu.

WU Ren-Yu

WU Ren-Yu is a freelance researcher and translator. Graduated from BA(Hon) Media and Cultural Studies, University of the Arts London, she is gravitated towards community building and dialectical art practices that address social equality, “reduce stress, restore sanity and improve everyone’s well-being.”