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Continuing developing the generative arts from Re-Generative last year, TASI Chi-Hung, the technical director from C-LAB Technology Media Platform, works with the sound design, Blaire KO, again and creates with generative image works via reaction diffusion and kaleidoscope effect. This performance will focus on the audience’s interaction and the sound experiences. Via the immersive sound experiences by earphones, the image is changed in real time according to the state of the audience walking in the space. With the support of high-performance cloud computing from the National Center for High-performance Computing and the remote desktop GPU acceleration, it tries to experiment with the reaction diffusion creating high-resolution generative images. Technology Media Platform, through constituting a cross-disciplinary team, not only shows the professional techniques of software and hardware integration, but also provides immersive audiovisual perceptions to the public in dome. 

TSAI Chi-Hung & Blaire KO, Re-Generative, 2020.


Performance|10.22 (FRI), 10.23 (SAT)

Opening Hour|19:00-21:00


  • A smart phone with earphones is required in order to join this performance. 
  • This is a interaction performance. Audiences could join this performances at any time within the opening hour of the performance.
  • Due to the performance design, the capacity of audience is 20 people at the same time. If the capacity is full, audiences must follow staff instructions for entry and re-entry during the opening hour of the performance.


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▶ Registration for each performance is recommended.

▶ For the epidemic prevention, taking temperatures, disinfecting hands, leaving personal information and keeping social distance are required, and audiences are required to wear masks at all times when entering C-LAB. Moreover, audiences whose temperatures are above 37.5℃ are not allowed entry.

▶ Programs may be subject to change.


|The Artist

TSAI Chi-Hung

Inspired by some professionals and deciding to step into the field of new media art from the information engineering background, TSAI Chi-Hung obtained an MA in New Media Art, Taipei National University of Arts, and started to create art in different formats of “information.” He is the co-founder of WINNOWORK, and is the technical director in FUTURE VISION LAB of C-LAB Technology Media Platform. Dedicated to creating the different combinations of analog and digital signal, he specializes in software/hardware system integration, system design, generative art, audio/visual installations, and explores any possibility between different media via different kinds of technical formats. 


Blaire KO

Blaire KO is a Taiwanese musician who has won a Golden Melody Award for Best Hakka Album, a Golden Bell Award for Best Sound Effects, a Golden Indie Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Album, and a Diapason d'Or Award. He has also been nominated numerous awards. His musical work ranges from classical to experimental. He has contributed to concerts, television, movies, stage plays, Beijing Opera, Kunqu Opera, Taiwanese opera, and puppet shows. Blaire Ko continues to develop and experiment today. In recent years, he has devoted himself to the collection and reproduction of Taiwanese traditional music sung in Taiwan's many languages, Eastern rituals, and operas.