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Openings of C-LAB ART SUMMER—SPIRITUAL RUNWAY and Creative Base for Animators

To continue its efforts to incubate new innovations and provide entrepreneurial support to the cultural industries, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is formally launching the Creative Base for Animators with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture as it enters its fifth year. This base is expected to facilitate closer and more interactive ties among technology, art, and industry. To complement the opening of this creative base, C-LAB has been transformed into a summertime creative and experimental venue as it hosts C-LAB ART SUMMER—SPIRITUAL RUNWAY, which includes outdoor public art exhibition, innovative circus performances, family-friendly performances, MUSIC OASIS, historic monument tours, themed markets, and creative workshops. The emphasis is on a spirit of diversity in which cultural experimentation and public participation go hand in hand. Under the epidemic prevention measures, all are encouraged to enter C-LAB and unleash their creativity together with creators from different fields. 


Collaborates with Animation & Visual Effects Association and National Center for HighPerformance Computing to Develop an Animation Industry Cluster

With the Ministry of Culture overseeing its planning, Dormitory A on the northeastern side of C-LAB has been transformed into the Creative Base for Animators, providing industry cluster development platform, resources, and professional support. This former dormitory of the Air Force Command Headquarters is now a creative space for the incubation of animation industry. It includes Motion Capture Studio, Creative Studio, Meeting Room, and Art Space. These have all been tailored to the needs of the animation industry and for flexibility of use. Selected independent creators and groups will be able to use this space for two to five years. By offering professional courses, facilities, and discounts on rent, animation and special effects professionals are given a practical foundation for development. With the assistance from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which attaches great importance to the integration of technology and culture, the National Center for High-Performance Computing, under the National Applied Research Laboratories, established an international-class cloud render farm, providing real-time rendering platform and techniques for autonomous research and development, as well as animation and special effects software to further strengthen Taiwan’s animation industry.

Among the first eight individuals and groups to take up residence at this base is Kent Animation Digital Independent Production, Inc., which produced the animated film Tai Chi Cats. During its residency, it will develop remote exhibitions and performances. In addition, Movect Studios is made up of the core team members that produced SILENT CODE. Mosen Content develops diverse animation IP, exhibitions, and AR games, while Floating Point Art Co., Ltd. integrates block chain technology, and LIN Ching-Hsuan produces animated shorts. Moreover, Go Go Studios is adept at small-scale IP original animation development, and Rising Star Creative came into being following the accumulation of abundant Hollywood animation production experience. Finally, One Punch Creativity Inc. combines AI and popular science knowledge in their works. In the future, this base and the Animation & Visual Effects Association will work together to plan training courses. C-LAB will also provide legal consultation and industry matchmaking services.


C-LAB ART SUMMER—SPIRITUAL RUNWAY: Outdoor Public Art and Innovative Circus Acts Brighten Summer Days

This July, C-LAB ART SUMMER—SPIRITUAL RUNWAY brings together various art activities and events, inviting the public to usher in a colorful summer together. The theme “spiritual runway” echoes C-LAB’s history as the former Air Force Command Headquarters. Soldiers here once raised their morale or “spirits” by shouting answers to questions during training, and the wide road between buildings resembles an airstrip. Now, preparations are underway for cultural experiments to take off, along with a buffer zone in place to provide creators with a safe landing. “Runway” also refers to a stage, which reflects the mission of C-LAB in its current phase, a site for contemporary cultural experimentation. This base is now a runway for art and cultural activities and events, presenting the public with abundant cultural and experimental landscapes. A spirit of diversity and progress is thus revealed through a variety of programs in C-LAB ART SUMMER.

Among them is March of Stories, which includes interactive public art installations. Robbie HUANG serves as its curator, inviting artists WANG Jun-Yuan, WANG Chung-Kun, YAO Chung-Han (Loudly Lightning), TU Wei-Cheng, HUANG Zan-Lun, TSAI Wen-Chang, and LIAO Chien-Chung to participate. Through physical interaction with installations and acoustic exploration, the public is drawn closer to art. In addition to three new commissioned works inspired by C-LAB’s features, interesting and interactive works from Taipower’s 2022 Public Art Festival are included. Children are sure to love the “Electri City” collectible arts card game and the all-new exclusive SPIRITUAL RUNWAY magic card. People of all ages are encouraged to have fun together and join in the cultural experience of educational entertainment.

Hsingho Co., Ltd. curates The Category Is…program, which attempts to overturn, blur, and break through the convention of circus acts under the big top. Performers interact with their surroundings and move among the crowds, spaces, and buildings. More than 10 performing arts groups present one cross-disciplinary performance after another, as performers boldly challenge themselves. Since the cross-disciplinary curatorial team OFF-SITE constructs stage spaces that are based on performance content and requirements to bring audiences multi-sensory experiences, The Category Is… program is much more than a series of innovative circus acts.


Music, Historic Monument Tours, and Markets: Experiencing Culture in the Heart of a City

The Extracurricular program includes cultural activities for people of all ages, with Formosa Circus Art (FOCA) and Puppet & Its Double Theater presenting family-friendly programs. In addition, C-LAB designs the Gather Around Little Curators! creative workshop, open to children in upper elementary grades who want to explore the field of curation. After the workshop, there will be a public exhibition and tours guided by the little curators based on what they have learned.

Also, the municipal monument “the Air Force Command Headquarters (the former Industrial Research Institute of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office)” is open for viewing. Visitors are invited to step into the little-known meeting room of the Political Warfare Building and the interior of the Old Office Building. Another event is the concert MUSIC OASIS on the lawn, loved by children and adults alike. Labazaar is a series of markets based on rural and community industries and themes related to environmental conservation and energy savings. In August, a special art market will showcase the talents of art students as well.

This summer, the public can view artwork and circus acts and, at the same time, experience a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere at C-LAB. With the opening of the Creative Base for Animators and the art experiences presented during C-LAB ART SUMMER, C-LAB is entering a new chapter in the process of art innovation and the creation of industry clusters.


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