COVID-19 Preventive Measures

In response to the spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19), C-LAB will execute the following measures to help keep visitors healthy:

(1) Visitors are advised to wear masks when visiting C-LAB and required to wear masks throughout the indoor activities.(2) Visitors are required to take temperature when participating activities. One whose temperature is higher than 37.5 will be refused to enter.(3) C-LAB will evaluate the risk in advance and take preventive measures according to the six risk indicators listed in the guideline for mass gatherings announced by CDC.(4) Diluted alcohol and hand sanitizers are available in the i-CENTER and venues of exhibitions and activities.(5) Participants of indoor activities are required to fill in the COVID-19 Health Declaration Form, leaving their contact information for pandemic prevention. The personal information will be destroyed after the epidemic prevention and control period.(6) Participants of activities will sit every other seat, and the limit on the number of applicants will be determined by the capacity of spaces and the guideline for mass gatherings announced by CDC.(7) The frequently touched surfaces like tables, doorknobs, handles will be sterilized every morning and evening, and the objects touched by participants will be cleaned and disinfected after activities.

For further information of COVID-19, please visit the website of CDC at: C-LAB will adjust the preventive measures according to the announcement of CDC at any time.

Thanks for your cooperation.