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Creation/Research Support
Murmur Time Project

The Walking Grass Agriculture organized the Farming & Arts Festival in 2019, inviting the participants to contemplate the alternation of seasons in their quotidian existence and the exchange of time. In coordination with the geographical location of the C-LAB and following the philosophies behind the Farming & Arts Festival and the project “Homesick Box,” we established the Murmur Time Project. If “farming” refers to planting techniques, a preservation method and a memory of land, “murmur” is ergo the interpersonal dialogue and exchange taking place in the aforementioned process. Do farmers really have spare time when they are busy with farming? Or, they cannot stop working? What do they do in their spare time? Can we count the people who grow plants in cities as farmers? What do people expect when they’re keen to grow plants? The results of the Murmur Time Project will be presented in three phases, including “the exchange of time—farming experience site,” “the exchange of memories—the Chinese lunar calendar at the C-LAB,” and “the exchange of history—power plant of fruits and vegetables,” allowing the participants to experience different temporal states in the participatory events.


Walking Grass Agriculture

There are infinite possibilities between farming and art.
Founded in 2014, the Walking Grass Agriculture is a team engaging in visual arts, design and curating. The team members of this project come from the fields of new media art, art history and biological sciences. They set great store by residency experience and observation. Being deeply interested in the learning, migration and generation of folk art, the members not only apply topology, modernology and material culture studies, but also transform their farming experience into their sui generis artistic practice. In recent years, they’ve focused on biological environment, urban change, and gender issues. In 2019, the Walking Grass Agriculture participated in the exhibition “Cosmopolis” hosted by the Centre Pompidou in France on behalf of Taiwan. Its curatorial works have been seen at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, the Digital Art Center, Taipei, the Pier-2 Art Center, the Treasure Hill Artist Village, the Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong, and the Tentacles Art Space in Thailand. Besides, it was one of the merit prize-winners of the 2018 Taipei Art Awards.