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Sea of Volcanic Islands: Toward Practice of Geo-art

For hundreds of thousands of years, the Tatun volcanoes, the submarine Keelung volcano group, and the magma chamber of the volcanic islands in the sea northeast of Taiwan have been actively shifting the boundaries and connections between the volcanic islands and potential islands. Deriving from the concept of “neg-geography” that was developed 2019, the Engineering of Volcano Detonating team’s “Sea of Volcanic Islands” is a research and creative project focusing on the volcanic islands, including Tongpang Island, Pengjia Islet, Huaping Islet, Keelung Islet, Guishan Island, and dozens of submarine volcanoes in the sea northeast of Taiwan. Integrating scientific and sci-fi narratives and considering the submarine volcanoes as islands that will eventually emerge from the sea , this project attempts to capture the dynamics between marine geography and the ecosystem.

The project does not use the solid ground of islands as its field of creation, instead probing into the methodology of art and practicing with the unstable seas and volcanic islands. With specific geographic conditions as its foundation, the project also explores the possibilities of transdisciplinary cooperation with navigation, oceanography, marine technology, tsunami science, volcanology, and geology. Extending its previous fieldwork in “Project Nightcrawler,” the Engineering of Volcano Detonating team will form a group to engage in night sailing voyages. In the coming months, they will explore submarine volcanoes, geothermal seawaters, ancient tsunami shores, and volcanic islands. Through their nocturnal voyages and travels, forums, music and image co-creation, and location-based writing, they also intend to broaden how Taipei, an ancient city of volcanoes, is perceived.


HSU Po-Yen, LU Chun-Cha, LU Guan-Hong, LIANG Ting-Yu (Engineering of Volcano Detonating)

The artist group Engineering of Volcano Detonating that formed by Liang Ting- Yu, Hsu Po-Yen, Lu Chun-Cha, and Lu Guan-Hong initiated the Engineering of Volcano Detonating in 2016. After carrying out a series of smoke rising projects in the Yangmingshan National Park, they engaged in artistic creations concerning the relations between the city and volcanoes in 2017. Applying the image of volcanoes in the news media throughout the 2010s, they investigated the demonization of volcanoes by mass media and the othering of nature by the city. From 2018 to 2019, they undertook the project titled Flaming Mountains, a concatenation of corporeal intervention and field surveys into volcanic craters. They have paid continuous attention to the relations among volcanoes, cities, and human beings. Their recent performances and works include Flaming Mountains (Air-drop Taiwan Forum, ET@T, 2018) and Engineering of Volcano Detonating (URS27M, 2016), as well as those presented at the 10th International Symposium on Media and Environment (Fu Jen Catholic University, 2019), the Conference on Environment and the World (National Kaohsiung Normal University, 2019), and the Annual Meeting of the Geographical Society of China—The Advancement and Application of Geography (National Kaohsiung Normal University, 2018).

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