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Creation/Research Support
A Wave Is Coming: Cross-Border Discussion and Action of Magang Village

The project A Wave Is Coming: Cross-Border Discussion and Action of Magang Village derives from the social incident of the forced eviction of Magang Village. The “wave” is a metaphor of the duality of “crisis” and “chance” in forced eviction; when individuals are unable to fight against the external force (“wave”), they must act to survive. In the case of Magang’s encounter with the wave, “cultural heritage” acted as a lever that explored the bargaining chip of the cultural foundation and environmental characteristics of the place to renegotiate with developmentalism.

This project centers on the cultural actions that took place at Magang Village and C-LAB, which involved the cultural capital shaped by the “gaze” of tourists, professionals, and ecological activists toward the village as well as the consequent changes in the development of the village—that is, the inclination of cultural tourism. The project also probes the dilemma (or quandary) of eviction and preservation in public discourse by inviting people to play roles in the “Game of Magang,” discussing how “borders” are created. They are also encouraged to reflect on the idea of borders, which are created not only out of opposition but also as a reflection of the impasse brought about by a given system and options.

This project takes the approach of process-oriented participatory art that values collective creation, allying partners from various fields, including fishers, lawyers, environmental organizations, and cultural workers, to collaborate and consider whether art practice can be an active catalyst in real issues. It also attempts to transform the dispute over private property into a kind of interdisciplinary public energy that shares knowledge, discussions, and reflections within society and to establish an aesthetic discourse of social actions through substantial practices.


HO Mu-Yun, LIN Kuei-Miao (ExiStone Workgang)

Magang Village in Cape Santiago has faced the crisis of forced eviction with the change of land ownership since 2018. The residents thus applied to register the village as a cultural heritage, and other activists started to help the residents to make their voices heard by recording oral history, measuring the stone houses, conducting community studies, and making documentaries. In 2020, the residents and their supporters turned their efforts into a public exhibition with visual artworks, thus facilitating the formation of the ExiStone Workgang.

ExiStone Workgang is an autonomous collective of Magang residents, cultural workers, artists, graphic designers, and new-media designers. By allying urban and rural activists and providing firsthand information, they endeavor to interpolate the commonality with practical cultural practices and connect the public with the site. By responding to reality with art, the project aims to give a social function to its actions.