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In Search of Objects and Other Possibilities

What stands between objects and humans is an ontological question about the border between the living and the non-living that ultimately leads to consideration of what counts as a living thing. In the form of theatrical performance, this project discusses how “objects” affect society and how society formulates the relationship between objects and humans. It also explores consumer behavior, the construction of symbolic systems of objects in our daily lives, and our identification with those objects—including issues such as the memories carried and spaces taken by objects, the psychological mechanisms of hoarding, and the reciprocal gaze between performed object and human. Beginning with the non-living, this project analyzes the intricate relationship between objects and humans and therefore re-examines the idea of “being alive” through the definition of “being an object.”


2022.04.01(FRI) 2022.09.30(FRI)


“Yinalang” means “children” to represent the group’s vison of childlike creativity, unleashed imagination in playing with all types of objects and puppets, and exploring daily life with curiosity. At the CREATORS this year, the Yinalang Group consists of six members, namely Wen Szu-Ni, Wang Shih-Chi, Lo Wan-Yu, Ruben Rübe, Ho Mu-Yun, and Lin Hsiao-Han.

With a degree in puppetry from Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, Berlin, Wen Szu-Ni’s art practice touches on the interactions between urban development and the human. The memories, imagination, and identities of a place are expressed through object theater, performance art, audio walks, and games in non-theatrical spaces and communities. Wang Shih-Chi holds a diploma from the Graduate Institute of Theatre Arts and Playwriting at Taipei National University of the Arts and enjoys integrating various issues into theatrical education and other events, including for her curation of the fifth Against-Again Apartment Showcase: City of Displacement. Lo Wan-Yu has worked in theater since graduating from the Department of Performing Arts at Shu-Te University and has also begun engaging in object creation and puppetry. She analyzes the style, the colors, and the movements of an object’s characteristics before embodying those elements in paintings, micro stage models, and the resulting theatrical work.

Ruben Rübe, a musician and producer from Germany with the stage name Rübezahl, gained years of experience in electronic music production before building his own experimental instrument from daily objects. In 2018, Rübe and his partner, Hsiang-Hsin Malikah Wang, set out on a bike trip from Germany across Eurasia and more than twenty countries, finally settling in Taiwan. Ho Mu-Yun works in performance design and transdisciplinary art, with her socially oriented practice rooted in theater. Her work involves the use of space, materials, texts, and audience engagement to gradually build an experimental experience that intertwines art and social practice through interactive collaboration. Lin Hsiao-Han acted with the Tainaner Ensemble before joining the Molusiaohua Company. Her recent work is characterized by explorations of puppetry and object theater as an approach to expanding her performance methods. To delve into the intangible stories of everyday existence, Lin is concerned with exploring the land and the beauty of daily life and transforms these discoveries into intriguing narratives.