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Workshop: Making sense of what they left behind

When relatives pass away, they leave behind a lot of relics that tell the story of a person's life and are the best “gifts” for the family to remember their loved ones. Being able to use and face those remnants can help the relatives to leave behind their grief.

This workshop guides the participants to face the relics of their relatives, efficiently abandon them, and how to arrange them into a memorial corner, to create a bond between themselves and their lost ones; and to plan a private memorial ceremony for an exchange between the living and the dead and a warm farewell.


Date | 2022/7/03 (Sun.) 14:00–17:00

Venue | West i-CENTER, 2F

Speaker | KUO Hui-Chuan 

The speaker KUO HUI-CHUAN is the initiator and moderator of the Death Café in Taiwan, and the president of the Association for the Promotion of Life and Death Care Education.Due to her long-term focus on the issue of life and death, she has hosted more than 700 Death Café events since 2014, where more than 30,000 people from all kind of backgrounds have talked about life and death. Since 2016, she has designed a series of innovative teaching materials and a fun and educational table game dealing with life and death. She is promoting education concerning those topics and hopes that the people in Taiwan can open their hearts and develop positive, open and healthy values and attitudes towards life.

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