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Creation/Research Support
Live Coding Research and Promotion Project

“Live coding, sometimes referred to as on-the-fly programming, just in time programming and conversational programming, makes programming an integral part of the running program. It is most prominent as a performing arts form and a creativity technique centred upon the writing of source code and the use of interactive programming in an improvised way." ——  Wikipedia

"Live coding" is a performance form and cultural scene in which sounds and visuals are created through the live demonstration and writing of code. This project serves as an initial effort to build a community, with a focus on research, education, and promotion. Cultural and technical research will involve the collection, translation, and organization of literature resources across computer science, electronic music, digital art, and other fields, in order to understand various perspectives and multiple definitions. Additionally, various programming tools will be explored and evaluated for their suitability in education and promotion". The research findings will be shared publicly online. During the project, lectures and workshops will be held to bring together enthusiasts for collective learning and to encourage long-term participation.


LIU Tung-Yu

LIU Tung-Yu is a project coordinator and audiovisual artist, active as a producer, technician and artist in the fields of street dance, theatre and new media. He has been researching on the creation of live coding/just in time programming since 2020. His works are soft and gentle, sometimes with childlike tones in the hope that live coding will be more accessible for audiences. (For more information about him, please go to:

DING Chi-You

DING Chi-You loves sound waves, recordings and modulations, enjoying arranging sounds into pieces of rhythms. In addition to cyclic form, he recently attempts to hybridize digital and analog signals to generate random sounds, which are now mostly booming and without direction.

Yude LIN

Yude LIN is a sound designer for theatre, dance and film, expecting to find possibilities of creating electronic music and algorithmic composition in diverse manners to bring audiences exceptional audio experiences in theatres. Lately he has participated in the sound design of Dialectical: Trajectories and Displacements of NTCH, as well as the performance at Minimal Input—Algorithmic Art Gathering, and the composition of background music of Approaching Theatre: Mother.