Creation/Research Support As a new breed of cultural organization, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) launched the CREATORS Initiative in May 2018 to realize its mission of incubating creative experimentation. Its purpose is to provide creators from different fields with support for experimental creation and research, as well as opportunities for carrying out international dialogue through exchanges.
The CREATORS Creation/Research Support Project is not the usual results-oriented subsidy program. It encourages diverse ideas for experimentation, values the production process of “from idea to action (from 0 to 1),” and supports artistic experimentations whether the outcome is a failure or success. With supports such as working space, funding, equipment and services, observation and accompanying mechanisms, we hope to provide aids to the projects exploring or incorporating art, technology, and social development that are research, action, or exhibition-oriented. By that, we wish to create an ecological system for cultural experimentation in Taiwan.

This project is divided into two parts: residencies and support. For the former, space and funding are offered for three- or six-month residencies. For the latter, funding is provided for local experimental projects only, without the use of a space. Creators are expected to incorporate public participation mechanism in the projects in the hope of accelerating on-site creation and research for the community, and to develop possibilities for collaboration.