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The Path of an Artistic Research: From Narration to Generative Autonomous Synthetic Spatialized Music

Speaker|Olivier Pasquet

Time|12/7 (Wed)

18:00-20:00 Part 1|Inspirations (free admission)

20:00-22:00 Part 2|Hands-on and Practice (admission: NTD$ 350, please bring your own laptop)

Venue|C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab

*The workshop will be conducted in English.



◆ Part 1 Inspirations

Elaboration of a musical language from narration and architecture, towards futuristic autonomous audio-visual composition.

As a source of inspiration, Olivier Pasquet will first present a few recent pieces in Musiktheater, site specific installations, purely generative music. He will show a few examples of peculiar AI systems he has been using in those pieces in architectural form finding, spatialization, voice synthesis and other materializations. He will recount how he constructed himself over the years from transcendental coding, then "futuristic" aesthetics (“hyperpop"), and eventually focus on social matters.

Moreover, he will recount successes and failures that were used as justifications for achieving authenticity in his work.

* Please register on the link below for part 1 Inspirations:


◆ Part 2 hands-on and Practice

This part will consist on two experimentations which attendants can freely play with. No deep knowledge in theory or programming required!

The first part is a scientific experimental method to easily develop 3d reverberation impulse responses using machine learning in Max. Those could for instance be used for composition, game design, virtual room acoustics or sound synthesis. The second part is an artistic experimental method transgressing and hacking the previous experiment with the aim of exploring peculiar and personal ideas.

* Please register on the link below for Part 2 hands-on and practice:

◆ Olivier Pasquet

Olivier Pasquet is a sound, visual artist and music producer. His generative pieces are contextualized within a rationalist theory-fiction. He has been working with a variety of artists at Ircam and other places. Besides music and installations, he is also involved in performance pieces such as dance, theatre, opera. All has consequently a strong relation with architecture, architectural design and specific sites. Beyond a close interest for duality between art and science, he endeavors links throughout scientific and artistic research.