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2022 PLAYARTS Festival – All-Purpose Humanity

Since the outer walls of C-LAB were torn down in 2020, there have been increases in the number of people on C-LAB’s grounds, including neighbors walking their dogs, taking a stroll, or jogging and schoolchildren on field trips. They have also come to view performances and exhibitions. The presence and flow of people have gradually transformed these once quiet and sealed off grounds into friendly everyday settings.

As the influence of COVID-19 has gradually faded, we feel that it’s an opportune time to reacquaint ourselves with rebuilding personal relationship. The theme of this year’s PLAYARTS Festival is “All-Purpose Humanity.” Through numerous creative projects, we hope to express the manifestations of and possibilities for interpersonal exchanges.

We invited Yoyo KUNG and Sylvia YANG, who are adept at encouraging public participation in the arts, to collaborate with stall owners in the Jianguo Holiday Jade Market on the For C-LAB’s Neighbors: How Would You Like Your Performance? performance project. For this project, they seek to develop the ideal arts festival in the minds of these non-artists background stall owners. In addition, Hsingho Co., Ltd., which has abundant circus experience curates outstanding performances during which performers compete, experience cross-disciplinary encouragement, and bring enjoyment and surprises to audiences. There are also lively, interactive, and family-friendly activities, such as children’s stories told in the Hokkien dialect by Flip Flops Theatre and object theater performances by the Yinalang.Group. Through workshops, participants learn tips for creating performances at home with their family members. Using the Chito app, Burn theatre develops roles based on the personification of CLAB structures, revealing complex relationship on this online interactive performances. For the Choose Any Three project, improvisation dance choreographer YU Yen-Fang recruits three young creators to develop dialogues between the body and the history of a space and generate unique insights. During music performances co-curated with Wild Goose Run, underground music bands along with performing arts background musicians create new memories for their fans. Other unique projects include paper airplane games installation, children’s live broadcast, and art slashie market. The PLAYARTS Festival is filled with performances and events to create wonderful connections for the audience in this weekend.

How many possibilities do the performing arts bring to the creation of interpersonal relationships?

We hope that you will give us the answer.

Play Arts Team

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