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The Unrestricted Society

In the exhibition The Unrestricted Society, the artists probe into the issues and dilemmas surrounding technological development from different perspectives, such as the way we view digital privacy in the sense of “we are the data,” potential problems with digital surveillance, facial recognition and deepfakes, as well as looking at possible options for alleviating food crises through cloning. Besides, given the intermediary role of technology, the works featured in this exhibition reveal the artists’ attempt at transdisciplinary collaboration. They employ new technologies to explore how artistic concepts can transmute abstract data or contents, insofar as to create unprecedented sensory experiences.

Technology has always been deemed a tool to liberate the human race. However, we may wonder whether the liberation it created is genuine freedom or all an illusion. The exhibition The Unrestricted Society will provide the visitors with an alternative way of understanding technology.


Curator|CHUANG Wei-Tzu

Participating artists| Memo AKTEN, Kyriaki GONI, CHENG Hsien-Yu, Paolo CIRIO, SLITSCOPE (KIM Jae-Min & KIM Keun-Hyoung), Theresa SCHUBERT, Halsey BURGUND & Francesca PANETTA, CHEN Yi, Unhappy Circuit, CHANG Yung-Ta, FAMEME, Her Lab Space (AU Sow Yee, CHEN Yow Ruu)

Her Lab Space (AU Sow Yee, CHEN Yow Ruu) A World: If, a Family Trip (2022)The performance will take place at 11:00-18:00 on 11/26 (SAT) -11/27 (SUN). The 15-minute “trip” will start every half an hour with 10 passengers only.

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* The exhibition will remain open during the National Day holiday from 10/8 (SAT) - 10/10(MON) and will be closed on 10/11 (TUE) instead.