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The Unrestricted Society: Guided Tour

The 2022 C-LAB annual exhibition The Unrestricted Society curated by CHUANG Wei-Tzu takes different angles on the issues and dilemmas arising from technological development, such as digital surveillance, facial recognition, and deep-fakes that involve digital privacy, as well as the feasibility of applying cloning to food crisis management. Treating technology as a medium, this exhibition also shows that the artists employ novel technologies to explore how artistic concepts can transmute abstract data and in turn create new sensory experiences.

Joining the guided tours led by expert and curator is a great way to get to know the exhibition in more detail and brings people together for close looking and conversations focused on the exhibits. Two guided tours will be hold during the exhibition. Times and venue are listed below.


Free Admission via Online Registration


|Expert Guided Tour|Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU: 10/02 (SUN) 14:00–15:00

|Curator’s Tour| CHUANG Wei-Tzu: 11/06 (SUN) 15:00–16:00
Meeting Point: West i-CENTER, 1F


Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU
Professor Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU is now a full professor at National Tsing Hua University. He serves as the chairman for Graduate institute of Art and Technology and the director for Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art in College of Arts, as well as a curator, art critic, and photographer. Prof. Chiu is also a board member of Trustee of Digital Art Foundation Taipei and the council member of Cultural Studies Association, Tawian. Prof. CHIU received his PhD from School of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University in USA, with double major in visual arts and film studies, as well as a minor in aesthetics. His specialties are in digital aesthetics, techno-cultural studies, art criticism and curation. Currently, Prof. CHIU is curating “Specularity/ Reflexivity: Contemporary Image Arts after 1980s,” and conducting a research project entitled “Taiwan Digital Performance and Techno Theatre: History, Aesthetics and Creations.”


The curator of C-LAB and the former Editor in Chief of Artist Magazine. CHUANG Wei-Tzu has been highly interested in the diversity of contemporary art in Taiwan. Her research focuses on the change of artistic idea and technology rendered in the exhibition and performance, as well as the gender issues in the art history. Her recent curatorial projects are “Display on Live” in C-LAB annual exhibition Re: Play (2020), Project: The Folly (2021, nominated for the 20th Taishin Arts Award), and (De)phallocentrism (2022).



▶ Free Admission via Online Registration.
▶ Upon submission through the Online Registration Form, a seat is reserved for you. A reminder will be sent to your email prior to the event. If you didn’t receive the reminder email, please check your Spam or Junk email.
▶ Please wear a mask at all times at C-LAB.
▶ The organizer reserves the right to adjust and change the activities according to the epidemic situation.


✷Group Guided Tours✷
Group guided tours are available by reservation. 👉🏻Make a reservation online