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2020 C-LAB NEXT: Story Park

The walls surrounding the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) have been torn down, creating public spaces and lifting the veil of mystery that characterized the former Air Force Command Headquarters. This site is now a cultural esthetics park. To effectively convey this transformation in spirit and function, artist Agi Chen used the former Political Warfare Building as a backdrop to her light sculpture Story Park. The history, culture, and ecology of the past, present and future served as the context for this work, which reinterprets the past functions of this intelligence center to better fit an instant story intelligence model that presents multiple contemporary and experimental visual and spatial images.

This light sculpture is the result of the interaction of technology and the blending of lighting, visual, and acoustic effects. A historical weight has been borne by this site since the Japanese occupation era (1895-1945). Today, this cultural experimental venue possesses a cross-disciplinary experimental spirit and abundant artistic energy. All are invited to gather in this esthetic oasis within a concrete city. While here, escape the hecticness of daily life by entering a story park picnic, listening to music, watching a performance, viewing artworks, enjoying a relaxing evening, and experiencing new forms of art and culture.

Schedule:2020/5/30 Sat.
18:30-19:30 DJ HOWMANY
19:30-20:00 Opening Performance – Dwagie
20:00、20:30、21:00、21:30 Projection Mapping

2020/5/31 Sun.
18:30-19:30 The Wanted
19:30、20:00、20:30、21:00 Projection Mapping

Supervisor: Ministry of Culture Taiwan
Presenter: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Organizer: AGI CHEN studio