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C-LAB Cup: Fitness Workshop

Sugar has never been a necessity, but it has changed the world's taste buds and has become an addiction. In the past, the pursuit of sugar led to countless trades, conquests and colonies; today, people are avoiding high sugar intake and working out in order to sculpt their bodies. People’s need for sugar has manifested itself in multiple positions in different epochs. In the development of Taiwan sugar industry, sugar has been transformed from a basic commodity into a military fuel supply (molasses ethanol) during World War II, and has become an addiction that modern people want to get rid of in their contemporary lives. In this workshop, we will not only take participants through a glimpse into ​Molasses, Ethanol, Fitness Workshops, Just What Is It That Makes Today's Life So Different, So Appealing? ​We will also lead participants to create fitness equipment from everyday objects and experience the basic workout.

§ Workshop: Fitness Equipment Making (morning) + C-LAB Cup (afternoon). Free of charge. Please make sure you can attend both sections.

§ Time: 2020.09.16(Wed) 10:00-15:30

§ Number of participants: 16 people (18 years old and above)

§ Registration website:

§ Bring your own materials:

1. Unused plastic containers, e.g. empty milk/soymilk bottles (1000C.C~2000C.C), no limit on container size, but each container needs 2 pieces of the same size.

2. Mask, apron, sporty outfits and sneakers, please bring your own lunch.

§This event will be documented with photos and video. We kindly require participants to agree to authorize the use of their portrait rights.


Executed by: LO Yi-Chun