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Yao-Chi City, Taiwanese Paranormal Literature and Contemporary Art Exhibition

Taiwan’s horror ‘heritage’, stretching back three millennia, is a treasure trove of stories about the innumerable yōkai (monsters, ghouls, and goblins) that have haunted this island from the shadowy depths of its mountain forests to the dimly lit corners of its modern cities. Yao-Chi City, Taiwanese Paranormal Literature and Contemporary Art Exhibition explores the horror genre in Taiwan through related works of literature and art, graphic novels, VR/AR, installations, performances games, and parades. The exhibition weaves together literature, folk traditions, and contemporary cultural settings to give all manner of demons and monsters their proper moment in the spotlight.

Gong Jow-Jiun
Lo Chuan-Chiao
Wang Chia-Ling
Aits Huang 

Badai, Gan Yao-Ming, Haruo Sato, Taipei Legend Studio

Contemporary artists and architects
Chen Fei-Hao, Group B, Joyce Ho, Hou Chun-Ming, Hsu Tzu-Kuey + AKUI Art Museum, Miaogong Jun-Yang, NAXS, Tu Wei-Cheng

Illustrators and painters
AKRU, Chang Ki-Ya,Chen Guan-Liang, Chiaoschiaos, Nofi, Zakurokun

Sound and theatre artists
Li Ling-Zi, Chen Hui-Yun, Tseng Po-Hao + Dai Kai-Cheng, Yang Show-King + Taiwan Liam-kua Smile Folksong Group, Somanana Rain, Su Jun-Ying Puppetry Troupe

Multimedia teams (AR/VR)
Aries Creative, KentADIP + NARLabs, Engine Studios, Kaohsiung Film Archive, Serendipity Films Ltd., Toii

Visitors’ Information
Tuesday - Sunday 11:00-18:00
Closed on Monday and national holidays.

C-LAB, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Art Space II & Dormitory A
Free Admission