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“The Rite of Meme” & “Choreograph your Artwork” Workshops

Nine international students led by “International MA Program in Cultural and Creative Industries” of Taipei National University Of The Arts, curated by Missy Hyper the mul-timedia artist/curator and LGBTQIA+ activist from Hong Kong and Winna Go the Philippine Art Awards (PPA) winning contemporary Chinese-Filipino visual artist, along with Héloïse Hamana the cinephile-artist from France; Fabiola Guillén the choreogra-pher/ performer from Mexico; Oscar Cheong the member of Comuna de Pedra Macao; Jinie Park the art curator from South Korea; Natnaree Riewpaiboon the art and cultural practitioner from Thailand; Quyen Pham the independent art space prac-titioner from Vietnam and Ariunkhishig Ulziisaikhan the Yatga performer from Mongo-lia. They are responding to the classic avant-garde dance “The Rite Of Spring” with two creative workshops which will be conducted in both Mandarin and English. Due to limited availability, do not hesitate to apply now.


 “The Rite of Meme” Dance Workshop

Date|2021/12/26 (Sun)


Venue|C-LAB CREATORS’ Space R101 Rehearsal Room

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At the beginning of the last century, “The Rite of Spring”’s “lack of musicality” and almost irritating kind of offbeat dance move, does’t it sound like one of the best viral materials for social media nowadays? The workshop attempts to respond to the present “Internet Meme” phenomenon by the form of “The Rite of Spring”. The experimental experience not only explores the relationship between “digital” and “corporeality”, but also allowing us to undergo the “Theory of Relativity” - a series of body movements and facial expressions with a cause, only a few seconds of it are being edited randomly to generate some online “sensation”. Every participant will walk out the workshop with a set of personalised “Meme” and “GIF”. “The Rite of Spring” has been lasting in art history for 111 years, and do you think your “The Rite of Meme” is able to last online for 111 minutes?

Concept: Juanita Cheng aka Missy Hyper ( Hong Kong)

Workshop Team Members:Fabiola Guillén( Mexico),  Oscar Cheong( Macau), Natnaree Riewpaiboon aka Waii(Thailand), Jinie Park(Korean), Quyen Pham(Vietnam), Ariunkhishig Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia)

* This workshop will be conducted in English and Chinese.


 “Choreograph your Artwork” Workshop

Date|2022/1/23 (Sun)


Venue|C-LAB CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

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“The Rite of Spring” was considered controversial because of its groundbreaking approach. This avant-garde ballet presents a scenario of a pagan ritual which requires a sacrificial virgin to dance herself to death. By juxtaposing this with ink painting, an interesting contrast is now created. However, both forms of art have a common denominator and that is their notion of sacrifice. The original idea of ink painting was utilized to serve as means to submit to the will of the heaven through ritual and sacrifice. Aside from this, the brushwork and conveying of the perceived “essence” or “spirit” of the subject is unique per individual. By combining performativity and visual art, this workshop aims to transmit the dynamism of the choreography through the rhythmic movement of the brushstroke.

Concept: Winna Go (The Philippines), Héloïse Hamana (France)

* This workshop will be conducted in English.