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C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival  

Imagine the Future in Real and Virtual Spaces

The C-LAB’s annual grand event “Future Media Arts Festival” is going to be on view from 8 October to 28 November 2021. Co-curated by our in-house curator Dar-Kuen Wu and guest curator Escher Tsai, this festival revolves around the proposition of “future” and invites 23 artists/artist groups from home and abroad to present 24 pieces of work in the company of a series of lectures and workshops. Besides, the C-LAB Technology Media Platform’s project “FUTURE VISION LAB” will be presented in parallel with the festival. Featuring a gigantic dome-shaped space for immersive audio-visual experience, the project not only integrates interdisciplinary practice with immersive projection, but also goes beyond the popular imagination of creation and technology. By virtue of these concatenated exhibition, performance, and side events, we expect to stimulate active imagination about the future of media art.

Unzip the C-LAB through a Diversity of Online Events

The C-LAB will also launch its first online platform “Unzip C-LAB” during the festival, which will allow the visitors to admire the exhibits online. We encourage the visitors to “unzip” more brilliant works online via this platform apart from seeing them in the physical exhibition venue.

Workshop Series that Keeps the Torch of Creativity Aflame

To contemplate and create the relational trinity of program, humanity, and society, C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival will host three major events, including “PCD Taiwan,” “TouchDesigner: New Media Hub,” and “Playaround: Generation and Evolution.” By virtue of the hands-on practice and discussion in the forms of workshop, talk, and forum, we try to reify “coding” and “decoding” into a two-way relationship which can be understood or even be swapped, expecting it to be a key to the world of coding, whereby we can contemplate the possibilities of future media in a collective manner. Some achievements of the workshop will be presented publicly in the exhibition as well.

Proceeding in the form of online/offline exhibition, workshop, and lecture, the “Future Media Arts Festival” also includes four experimental projects from “AND,” insofar as to reveal the creative energy of Taiwan’s techno-art in terms of audio-visual, installation, theater, and artistic action.

We cordially invite you to explore the future with us.


C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival

Date|2021.10.08(Fri.)— 2021.11.28(Sun.)

Time|11:00-18:00(Closed on Monday and National holiday)

Artists|HSU Chia-Wei & CHANG Ting-Tong & CHENG Hsien-Yu, AES+F, Riverbed Theatre & Craig QUINTERO & Carl JOHNSON, Betty Apple, Battles, Lawrence LEK, Hsiangfu CHEN, SU Yu-Hsin & Angela GOH, CHANG Li-Ren, MOON Kyung-Won & JEON Joon-Ho, HUANG Yu-Hsiung, onformative, Bryan WC CHUNG, Michael BURK & Ann-Katrin KRENZ, Ralf BAECKER, Kiel D. MUTSCHELKNAUS, Tactical Tech, Bill POSTERS & Daniel HOWE, SHIH Yi-Shan, TIAN Zi-Ping & Mailantia Dance Company, NANONANO, CHANG Ting-Tong, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival & C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival

Curator|Escher TSAI, WU Dar-Kuen


Future Media Arts Festival online brochure
FUTURE VISION LAB online brochure


* Exhibitions will remain open during the National Day holidays from 10/9 (Sat.) to 10/11 (Mon.),and will be closed on 10/12 (Tue.) instead.