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Gazing, In the Mist

Venice Film Festival: Special Project in the Official Selection – Out of Competition
Montreal’s Festival du nouveau cinema – Prix Panorama – Best 360 Virtual Reality Artwork
Kaohsiung Film Festival – VR Special Mention

Gazing, In the Mist (Part II of Trilogy of Mist)

In the immersive virtual reality theater experience Gazing, In the Mist (2022), director Chou Tung-Yen opens the shutter for people to experience gay subculture through an intimate, yet safe, lens. Building on his award-winning In the Mist, the homo-erotic VR 360 short film that also forms the central part of this work, audiences are now welcome to wander a physical space of desire and perceive its characters and events through the dreamlike layers and painterly filters of the VR headset. 

Seamlessly weaving together high-end VR technology, physical theater, film, stage and light design and music, Gazing, In the Mist creates a sensuous world of its own; a place where two blurred male figures lurk and play games of gazing and being gazed at, dressing and undressing, inviting us to behold, temper and enact desire. It provides an experience of surrender, allowing oneself to get lost in its labyrinth of corridors and mirrors, light and shadows, and to drift in the twilight zone between dreaming and waking. 

Gazing, In the Mist forms the second part of the yet uncompleted Trilogy of Mist, a series of three VR works produced by Very Theatre, investigating virtuality and intimacy within gay culture.

▐ Information

Regular Ticket: NT$1000
Special Ticket: NT$1800 (includes Very Theatre limited merchandise)
Tickets may be purchased online at ACCUPASS.

4/13 (Thu) 18:30, 20:20
4/14 (Fri) 18:30, 20:20
4/15 (Sat) 18:30, 20:20
4/16 (Sun) 13:00, 15:00

▐ Notice

1. Duration: approx. 50 minutes, without intermission (including the time for wearing VR devices)
2. Latecomers will not be admitted. Ticket refunds will not be available. Please arrive on time.
3. Performed in Mandarin. No Subtitle. English dialogue lists will be provided.
4. Age-restricted and inappropriate for viewers under 18. Contains nudity and explicit sex scenes that some viewers may find offensive/disturbing.
5. The viewing headsets are compatible with most glasses; contact lenses are also recommended.
6. Contains theatrical smoke and fog and is performed in an enclosed space with dim lighting.
7. For best experience, your personal belongings shall be checked at the front desk.
8. For safety concerns, trousers and flat shoes are recommended.
9. Please ensure that your personal electronic devices are turned off or on airplane mode.
10. Participants who feel dizzy or uncomfortable during the experience should inform the staff on site. 

 ▐ More info
VM Studio & Very Theatre

Production Team

Direction: Chou Tung-Yen
With: Lin Jing-Yan, Cho Kai-Cheng, Jack Chueh
Stage Management: TSAI Chuan-Ren
Scenography: Yu Ray-Pei
Lighting: Wu Hsia-Ning
Music: Liao Hai-Ting
Assistant to Director: Hui-Chueh Hsu
Videography Assistance: Sun Min, Hong Chen-Wei
VR Program Integration: Huang Yu-jie
VR Program Executive: Sun Min, Hong Chen-Wei
Sound Licensing: Kao Chin-Lun
Script Licensing: T.H. Lee, Ta-Wei Chi, Hsu Yu-Chen
Sound Engineering: Chen Hao-jun
Production Management: Wu Neo
Executive Producer: Chen Yi-Zhen, Lin Ming Chieh
International Representative: Jonas Johannes G. Schildermans
Graphic Design: Fang Wei-Hung
Text Assistant: HUNG Jui-Wei


(VR Film Production) Produce by Very Theatre
(VR Film Production) Presented by Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB, Very Theatre
(VR Film Production) In Association with Funique VR
(VR Film Production) Advised by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, and Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
(VR Film Production) Supported by National Taichung Theater

Special Thanks to National Culture and Arts Foundation

Produce by Very TheatreIn cooperation with National Theater and Concert Hall, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab(C-LAB)
Technical Sponsored by Kaohsiung Film Archive, Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB, VR FILM LAB
Commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center

Very Theatre has been selected as one of 2023 Taiwan Top Groups