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Light Weight 2020: Tower

The “Light Weight – Crossing Universities Work Camp” is jointly organized by the Department of Architecture of Shih Chien University, Department of New Media of Taipei National University of the Arts, and Department of Civil Engineering of National Taiwan University for sophomore students. This year, “tower” is the theme and C-LAB the venue. Over three weeks, students are encouraged to imagine ways in which “tower” fits into the C-LAB site, once the Air Force Command Headquarters.

In recent years, through various cultural activities, the spatial connotations of the old Air Force Command Headquarters have changed, while the military structure awaits to be rearranged. In this multi-layered venue, how will students reinterpret the image of “tower”? Will they create new forms through the reinterpretation? Will the recent virus outbreak change their focus? Will there be futuristic thinking? Following this camp, the works created by the 10 teams of participating students will be on display at C-LAB starting March 31, 2020.

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WU Cho-Ying, WU Cheng-Yu, LIN Pei-Xuan, LIN Ching-Wei, HU Yi-Fei, HSIA Yun, HSU Yi, WENG Zhi-Xian, HUANG Tzu-Yen, LIU Pin-Jun, XIAO Yin-Chien

We keep some kinds of thoughts and consciousness in the current environment, era, and community, and receive the messages from the whole environment  actively or passively. We are influenced by these messages while internalizing them, which, for us, are like a formless shroud. After leaving the environment and taking the messages from the past to a new situation, we will be covered by a newly shaped shroud.


II.Trace the Intestinal Heterogeneous Space to Find

Wood, LED, AR

LAM Lut-Yu, CIOU Chen-En, JHANG Jyun-Hao, CHANG Yung-Ching, CHEN Yin-Yu, CHEN Kuan-Yi, HUANG Wei-Cheng, CHAO Yu-Hsi, HSIEH Yu-Che, WEI Hsiao-Ching

The tower points to where people don’t see, carries what people don’t know/ And just stands there alone/ People look up at it/ For nothing else but its tallness and loneliness/ A phantom limb grew out of the corner/Which carries/ The intestinal heterogeneous space in the gap between the reality and the fiction/ One can’t find a way out/ A window is on the intestinal wall of the far end/ While gazing out of the window/ One acquires a vague awareness/ And then/ Left the shadow of the fantasy

– Eulogy


III.Hakuna Mata塔

Wood, Metal, Muslin, Motor

WANG Ping-Yi, WANG Yu-Shen, WU Cheng-Ru, SHEN Zih-Jie, LIN Zih-Han, WONG Zih-Yuan, RU Cheng-Jyun, CHANG Siao-Teng, HSU Yin-Huai, CHAO Pei-Yu, CHENG Yu-Jie

Among the open and dignified buildings, we offer a lightweight, covered space for the audience to take a rest and enjoy the embrace from the buildings. At the same time, we can look up without being oppressed, and let the rhythm of the heart return to a smooth state.



Unidirectional Glass, LED, Wood, Asphalt

LIN Szu-Yuan, LAM Hiu-Ching, YAO Ji-Hao, KE Nai-Yun, CHEN Han, TSENG Chih-Yu, TSENG Che-Wen, HUANG Yu-Chen, HUANG U-N, CR LIU ZHANG, TAI Pei-Chen

Inspired and simplified from anthills, the straight lines form the silhouette of our work, with the falling burrow on the top seeking for a new possibility of tower by looking down. As we climb up to the hilltop and peek down into the hole, overlaid scenes inside immerse us in infinity.


V.Spreading Far, Into Your Heart Quantum Transmission Telephone Booth

Cement, Steel, Plywood, Acrylic Tube, Acrylic Sheet, Tube, LED, Telephone

WU Yi-En, LU Jen-Yu, JHUO Yu-Pei, LIN Chen, SHAO Xin, Zhang Chi, CHEN Yi-Yen, HUANG Yu-Shing, YE Cheng-Han, ZHAN Xin-Yi, LAN Yi-Hsuan

In order to spread messages far, or to receive information from a distance, people in the past would build towers for transmitting messages beyond the limits. Although the technology nowadays enables people to contact one another anytime, there are still many words that can’t be spoken for many reasons. Hence, we design the phone booth with the idea of privacy. When entering the phone booth we can speak out what we thought in our mind, and transmit the thought by the phone and the device outside the phone booth, creating an atmosphere that encourages people to share their secrets or words hard to tell.



Mixed Media

WU Xin, LI Zhe, Mei LI, LIN Yu-Ze, Brandon KUO, CHEN Nai-Yu, Anne CHEN, Amber YANG, Lynn LIU, CHENG Hsi-Hsi, Ian LO

The former Air Force Command Headquarters used to be where the soldiers stationed. The regular life in the troops is just like the fixed 12 figures on the clock face. Even though the clock hands keep turning and time elapsing, one can never escape from the cage constructed by the 12 figures. The strict drills and orders in the barracks are as indestructible as metal and do not allow any disobedience. Such a repressed life without freedom is like a prison, with souls being restricted. Though appearing rigid and determined, their inner struggles are restless. When others approach, they long to be pulled out of the cage, our hearts fluctuating, yet we still wear our masks. The life in the military camps not only confines their bodies, but also imprisons the souls within.


VII.Kong Kong

Wood, Alloy

WANG Yu-Ning, WANG Wei-Han, HO Hsuan, Jinjer LI, CHANG Tzu-Heng, TSAO Shu-Cheng, Winnie KUO, Sean HSIANG, Winnie HUANG, LIU Hsin-Chi

There was a hole in the sky. Few birds looked to the right, didn’t think too much and crushed into a mirror──or we should say a mirror crushed into the birds. Two birds, separated by the mirror, were now in different spaces and no longer get to approach each other. The hole in the sky was inhaled by the bird watchers, and they looked up, staring at it quietly.



Wood, Plastic Cloth, Acrylic

SHI Kun-Fang, KUO Shan-Ping, CHEN Pin-Chen, FU Chen-En, HUANG Chien-Yu, YUNG Chun-Chieh, LIU Pin-Tsen, LIU Shu-Fan, TANG Yu-Heng

The bridge in the middle of the men’s and women’s dormitory with four H-Piles under it seems to be supported by nothing. Through the research, we find that the surrounding monitors, barbed wires and high fences were designed to prevent climbing up the bridge. We then use these elements to reflect our current perspective on the symbols while utilizing these three divided spaces in reverse to create a covered passage by the connection of inner spaces, presenting the undivided image of these three structure and metaphorically breaking those impressions of the past base.



Plywood, Lumber Core Board, Lauan, Aluminum Extrusion, Gear, Mecanum Wheels, Motor, Floor Lamp

WANG Ying-Wen, CHIANG Yu-Hsuan, LIN Yong-De, CHIANG Yi-Shan, CHUANG Chia-Yi, HSU Yun-Man, CHEN Yi-Chen, CHEN Yu-Tung, LEI Chia-His, JIAN Yi-Jeng

Based in the former Air Force Command Headquarters, C-LAB had served as the Industrial Research Institute of Taiwan Governor-General’s Office. While infused with culture and art nowadays, the park remains the solemnity and stubbornness of the military base. To correspond to the majestic atmosphere, the tower is designed as a cuboid, which is composed of many boxes. As we turn on the motor, the tower would be twisted, breaking the stereotype of the military base and create a gentle image. As for the location, we choose the intersection just in front of the entrance to set the tower so as to grab people’s eye. We hope the work can bring amazement to the visitors, being their focus and making them stay.


X.Take a Break

Plastic, Metal Tube

YU Chin-Ling, WANG Hsin, LIN Jhang-Yuan, SHIH Yu-Xian, AU Wing-Yi, CHANG Chen-Wei, YU Hsin-Yen, YEH Hai-Jou, Jenson CHUNG, Ray SU

The solemn atmosphere of the former Air Force Command Headquarters still lingers, which gives birth to this tower. Building a “relieving” tower also implies the lack of an exit for the serious atmosphere. We attempt to get rid of its aura rather than destroying the overall sense wantonly. Besides, the translucent material outside makes it faintly discernible and renders the color nonviolently. The gas-like existence invisibly breaks the solemnity and adds fun as well.