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Narratives of Photography History・Asia Discourse Forum Series: The History of Post-war East Asian Photogtrphy

This series of forums takes a look at current research into the history of photography in Taiwan and Asia, focusing on the development trajectory of photography in Asia, the contemporary significance of the history of photography, and the creative narrative perspective of the historical treatise on photography. A multifaceted reflection of the interregional geographic and historical links serves as an expanded reference in the understanding of photography history in Taiwan and Asia. At the same time, the forum will facilitate the establishment of international exchanges on research perspectives, experiences and resources.

These forums will begin with the post-war development of photography in East Asia. Guest speakers from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will share their research, done through a multi-faceted historical framework and research writing strategies, and talk about the development process and cultural phenomena of Asian photography in the post-war era. They will also put forward their reflexive speculations on “what is the history of photography” and the methodology of research in photography history.

Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

* Chinese interpretation will be provided for all non-Chinese lectures.

Narratives of Photography HistoryAsia Discourse Forum Series: The History of Post-war East Asian Photography

Session 19/5 (Thu.) 19:00-21:00

The Age of Independent Photo Galleries: Another Aspect of Japanese Photography in the 1970s

Speaker: Kaneko Ryuichi

Panel DiscussionPanelist: Chen Tsun-Shing

Session 29/7 (Sat.) 13:30-16:30

Exploring the Japanese Influence on Taiwanese Photography in the 1960sSpeaker: Chen Chia-Chi

Collision of Realism and Modernism in Korean Photography After World War IISpeaker: Park Pyungjong

Panel DiscussionPanelist: Chen Hsueh-Sheng

Session 39/7 (Sat.) 18:00-21:00

The Characteristics and Colors of Japanese Subjective PhotographySpeaker: Toda Masako

What is the Meaning of “Post-War” in Taiwanese Photography? An Exploration and InvestigationSpeaker: Chang Shih-Lun

Panel DiscussionPanelist: Hsu Chi-Lin


Curated by VOP in collaboration with C-LAB.Co-organized by Center for Multi-cultural Studies (NCKU)