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Opening -- A project by Michael Lin with Beat Streuli.

Opening is part of the “Art Wall Project” of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB).

Opening is an architectural project without an architect. In this pared down type of architecture the builder makes the selection of material and method of construction with the most economic means.

Comparable to the storefront buildings in the Former French Concession district in Shanghai, which mark a transition period from socialism to capitalism, Opening also seeks to mark a shift between the military government of the past and the current democratic government.

Where once there was a steel gate allowing only restricted entries, a space is built that will allow both visual and physical access.

Opening inaugurates the space with an exhibition by Beat Streuli.

For the past three decades Streuli’s practice has predominately been occupied with portraiture. His subject matter oscillates between the individual and the anonymous, being immersed in the masses of the urban landscape. Presented mainly in public spaces, the scale of the images is architectural in size.

In order to welcome the audience to this new cultural site (C-LAB) Opening will also function as a gathering place providing food and beverage.

For the first three months, Opening invites Woolloomooloo to provide food and beverages. During weekdays, four different kinds of tea and two kinds of coffee are available from the vending machine. On the weekends, from 12:00-16:00, some snacks would also be available from Woolloomooloo’s vender, which includes boiled herbal jelly, sticky raisin caramel bun, home-made ice creams and Affogato. The audience will use the vending machine to obtain the sticker on the bottle, then use the sticker to exchange the items they purchase from the vendor.