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Who builds the city?

We are not only civilians of an urban landscape, but also can be seen as modelers of our cities. Within the exhibition, we will invite participants to come together to brainstorm and build a miniature city model according to their imaginations towards future possibilities of the city. Through the game-oriented format of role-playing, we set out to explore the challenges that may be faced within the city, and use different "tasks" within the game as a guide for discussion to simulate the evolution of the first-level city and rethink about our relationship with the city. In the project, artists from Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany and South Korea will be invited to hold workshops to experiment with different possibilities in the city through multiple urban experiences and intervention methods.

  • Curators: Yu-Chin Ku, I-Chieh Liu, Huai-Chih Liang
  • Artists: Group B、Janneke Derksen、Sarah Bovelett、Minsun Kim、millonaliu(Klodiana Millona & Yuan-Chun Liu)

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Supervisor| Ministry of Culture
Presenter| Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
Implementer| 2020 Curators Initiative_ Yu-Chin Ku, I-Chieh Liu, Huai-Chih Liang,  Group B

About Workshop

主題:淡水河-隱藏的紋理 The hidden patterns of the Tamsui River
講師:景觀策略規劃師Janneke Derksen
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主題:Taipei Urban Glossary
講師:城市空間規劃師Sarah Bovelett
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▲Date:3/13 (上下午各一場)
講師:設計與藝術工作者 周佳穎與許瑄芮
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主題:Feeling at home
講師:空間規劃師Minsun Kim
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