Press Release
C-LAB to introduce Taiwan Sound Lab's new productions to French audiences

The third edition of CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination, began on Nov. 10 last year, revolving around the theme of "La Nuit (Night)." In a collaboration between the organizer of CHRONIQUES, Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris, and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), Taiwanese artists and professionals will be representing Taiwan under the name "Taiwan Focus" at the event as well as the professional network forum on Jan. 17.

In a press release, C-LAB stated that CHRONIQUES is one of the most important digital art events in France. Nighttime, as a possible heterotopia, connects us to dreams, imagination, and the power of transformation by providing a new way of seeing things and beings. These notions, both spatial and temporal, offer a period of immobilization and therefore have a subversive and political dimension.

C-LAB said that the theme of this year's forum is "The International Market of Digital Arts," and they will be introducing Taiwan Sound Lab's new productions that were created in recent years at the forum, with a focus on the development of immersive audiovisual works and cross-disciplinary works that integrate technology.

The five pieces of work that will be on display include "Chroma: A Derek Jarman Project" by Baboo Liao (廖俊逞); "Throbbing Sonic" by Wang Fu-jui (王福瑞); "Black Hole Museum + Body Browser" by Su Wen-chi (蘇文琪); Li Yi-fan (李亦凡)'s "howdoyouturnthison" and Chen Yi (陳乂)'s "Rating |||||| ||."

C-LAB added, participating in the forum allows Taiwan to develop friendly relations and establish mutually beneficial collaborations in the field of technology and arts between artists in Europe and Asia.

Chroniques Biennale was launched in 2018 by two associations, Seconde Nature and Zinc, with the support of France's Ministry of Culture and the financial support of the regional civic organizations in Provence, Alpes, and the French Riviera.