Press Release
Exhibition Fever Genesis Launched by LIC Culture Lab and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab as Reflection upon Contemporary Society via Art

The exhibition Fever Genesis launched by LIC Culture Lab (U.S.) and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) will present contemporary artworks from six Taiwanese artists at LIC Culture Lab, New York, through which the artists attempt to demonstrate their consideration and inspiration for current society through varied means of artistic expression. The opening reception of the exhibition will be on July 8.

The exhibition title Fever Genesis comes from human beings’ exploration of the origins of “creation” and their enthusiasm and efforts for arts and techniques. As a co-creation platform for thinking and acting, the exhibition also investigates issues including technology, environment, society, culture and humankind’s creativity. Audiences are invited to contemplate the diverse relationships among technology, art and society from past to present to future in Anthropocene, further relating themselves to the risky elements existing in contemporary society and International Consumerism as well as environmental, social and governance advocacies.

The works of Fever Genesis include LI Yi-Fan’s howdoyouturnthison, which changes the creation process and presents intuitive narrative images through virtual post production; HU Nung-Hsin’s Touching the Rumble of Melting, a poetic installation combining images of icebergs with rays and sound waves triggered by the 16 mm films as a metaphor for the fragile ecosystem in arctic circle; Hypothesis Voyager by LIN Tzu-Huan, a ritualistic installation in which cameras serve as a medium for viewers to travel through time; WU Chia-Yun’s Islands of Disappearing, observing and representing the cityscape of New York as an indispensable characteristic; Hominins by WU Chi-Yu, which is inspired by the prehistoric cave painting on Sulawesi and brings audiences to go through the processes of species evolution; and CHANG Li-Ren’s series of Battle City, video animations made over ten years and demonstrating a grand parallel universe with microcosmic politics, which will be displayed at the theatre.

C-LAB has been devoted itself to the mutual development of contemporary art and technology media, promoting communication and exchange between artists and audiences through international collaboration, exhibitions, workshops and seminars. The exhibition Fever Genesis is also a milestone for the cultural exchange between Taiwan and abroad, elevating the visibility and influence of Taiwan contemporary art on the international stage.

This exhibition is fully supported by the Ministry of Culture and Taipei Cultural Center in New York, open on July 6-30 at LIC Culture Lab (U.S.), a venue where features inclusiveness and diversity. On the day of opening reception (July 8), a forum will also be held with the independent curator Yenyi LEE to participate as the panelist for audiences in New York to interact with the artists. All are welcome to experience the works created in the environment of Taiwan’s various contemporary culture during the exhibition period.

Information of Fever Genesis

▸▸Opening Time|2023.07.06 (Thu.) – 07.30 (Sun.) Thursday to Friday 17:00-21:00; Saturday to Sunday 14:00-21:00

▸▸Exhibition Venue|Culture Lab LIC-Gallery 2-3, Theater (5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City, New York, NY 11101)

▸▸Curator|WU Dar-Kuen 吳達坤

▸▸Participating Artists

LI Yi-Fan 李亦凡

HU Nung-Hsin 胡農欣

LIN Tzu-Huan 林子桓

WU Chia-Yun 吳家昀

WU Chi-Yu 吳其育

CHANG Li-Ren 張立人