Press Release
FUTURE VISION LAB launches DOME, providing a fully-immersive audio-visual experience

A coming together of art, technology, and science at the forefront of visual culture innovations

From the Technology Media Platform at C-LAB comes an experimental immersive experience centered around a newly built dome theater, in front of the Political Warfare Building. Open from November 1, 2020 to January 17, 2021, the three-month event brings in 15 artist groups from across Taiwan and the world to showcase arts and activities for all types of audiences seeking state-of-the-art interactive technologies.

C-LAB sets off a collaborative platform of cross-domain experimentation in art and technology

Enabling cross-domain collaboration of tech industries, arts, and culture to happen, becoming a pinnacle of technological and artistic experimentation

The Technology Media Platform (the Platform) has been one of the pillars of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) since 2020, with its mission to generate a culture-driven ecosystem of social experimentation, innovation, and connection. Through cross-domain associations, co-creation, and intermediation, the Platform channels expertise at the levels of industry, government, academia, and research, casting a foundation for collaborative interdisciplinary experiments in culture and technology to collectively develop a roadmap towards the future of tech media. The Platform's initial efforts involve the two Labs of Bio Art and FUTURE VISION, working to align theory with practice in art, science, and technology, drawing upon ideas both preexisting and preconceived with projects in a variety of forms, and furthering discourse on their cultural significance and societal impact.


FUTURE VISION LAB: Fully immersive audio-visual space, opening up an unprecedented view towards innovation

This November, the Technology Media Platform at C-LAB introduces FUTURE VISION LAB, a project which involves the fields of art, culture, and technology. Through the concepts of digital architecture, the inside of the DOME, a 12-meter diameter by 6 meter high dome structure, offers a seamless display through fully-enveloping, ultra-high resolution video projection, challenging the limits of perception and bringing a fantastic world of real and virtual elements to life. The DOME is a transportable spatial experimentation device suitable for future tours. It is a showcase for FUTURE VISION LAB's continuing projects of computational imaging, photo-stitching, hardware-software integration, and positional audio techniques, leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, data visualization, and scalable high-speed computing platforms, with the goal of widening the landscape for emerging visual innovation.

For the three months from November 1, 2020 to January 17, 2021, FUTURE VISION LAB has invited artists and creators of wide-ranging backgrounds to perform at the DOME, providing free admission to audiences for the enjoyment of the 360-degree surround projection and immersive 8K high-fidelity imagery. The series of 17 programs include a newly commissioned MULTIVERSE by multi-award winning studio fuse* of Italy, and a new piece by Golden Melody Awards winning musician KO Chih-Hao in collaboration with the Technology Media Platform at C-LAB, both of which engage the whole body through sound and vision. C-LAB also invited the Hong Kong based artist Keith LAM, who will be performing a DOME edition of Cycling Wheel, a lighting, video, and musical performance piece. To illustrate the diverse possibilities of new visual art forms, screenings of The Tag-Along by renowned 8K stereoscopic VR studio Funique and documentary VR short film The Small Big: Emerald Green Treefrog will apply the VR experience to disparate genres, while multiple workshops for extensive education and activities for neighborhood residents offer hands-on experiences.

FUTURE VISION LAB's performances are open to the public all days of the week. In addition to night time screenings during weekdays, visitors can participate in audio-visual experimental performances and video installation activities by emerging artists on the weekends, along with family-friendly stargazing activities, sound therapy relaxation and yoga practice, and image making workshops. The co-sponsors of this program are projector products company Optoma Corporation of Taiwan and the National Center for High-Performance Computing, working together towards the establishment of a base of future experimentation in the visual arts.

Visitors are encouraged to witness the future at C-LAB at 7 pm daily between November 1, 2020 to January 17, 2021, and sample wide range of performances through heightened senses. For program information please go to FUTURE VISION LAB's project page.


Weekday Programme

Tuesday to Friday 19:00-21:00 (closed Mondays)

Free admission. Films are shown on a loop. If the venue is full, please wait until the next screening begins.

Weekend Programme

Advance registration is required. Please check the page for the specific activity.

Generative art, live sound performance, 3D visual display, bionic visual exhibition and performance create intersections between the virtual and the reality. All are welcome to register to participate in an immersive technology media-driven world.