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Exhibition, Performance & Screening

Early in 2020, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) established the Technology Media Platform which emphasizes “innovative media experimentation” and “social connections”. As an organic laboratory, collaboration across fields and disciplines is encouraged to create an environment for cultural and technological co-creation.


The first project of the Technology Media Platform to be promoted is FUTURE VISION LAB, which features integrated cultural and technological experimental exhibitions and performances. Through digital architectural concepts and design a dome measuring 12 meters in diameter and six meters in height was constructed. From November 2020 to January 2021, the goal is to explore the visual limits of technology media. With sound and image algorithms, creative works and integration of hardware and software, an attempt is made to outline a vision for the cross-disciplinary development of visual effects.


The experimental projects presented at FUTURE VISION LAB involve super high-resolution images and open exhibition platform to create a fully immersive experiential space, generated through artificial intelligence (AI) and images, with generative art and a high-speed computing platform to initiate a vision for visual experimentation and innovation. The exhibitions and performances that are taking place over a three-month period are the result of collaborations among up-and-coming new media artists. They have developed 360-degree panoramic works and fully immersive 8K image spaces to showcase experimental and innovative visual effects live and free of charge.


National and international artists will present a diversity of immersive works on weekday nights and new media artists will create audio-visual performances and image installations on weekends. In addition, there are star-gazing workshops suited to families, sound healing and meditation yoga workshops, and full-dome projection workshops.


Every night starting at 19:00*, exhibitions and performances take place, providing a diversity of visual experiences. All are invited to these events to gain insight into the future vision world.


Date|2020/11/01 (Sun.) to 2021/01/17 (Sun.)

Venue|Political Warfare Building Square, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

Weekday Programme

Tuesday to Friday 19:00-21:00 (closed Mondays)

Free admission. Films are shown on a loop. If the venue is full, please wait until the next screening begins.

*Closed from 12/15 (Tue.) to 12/18 (Fri.)


Horror Film ExperienceThe Tag-Along VR *Closed on 12/15 (Tue.)

Every Tuesday at 19:00、19:15、19:30、19:45、20:00、20:15、20:30、20:45


◉Electronic Landscape|NANONANO X HUANG WEI—Electronic Landscape *Closed on 12/16 (Wed.)

Every Wednesday at 19:00、19:30、20:00、20:30


Audio-Visual Experiences| *Closed on 12/17 (Thur.)

YEH Ting HaoIntertextuality of Audio and Visual Every Thursday at 19:00、19:20

NAXS Corp.—AFTERLIFE Every Thursday at 19:45、20:05

fuse*—Multiverse .dome Every Thursday at 20:30

◉Flashing HallucinationAlpha Doggo—Dream(achine) Capsule *Closed on 12/18 (Fri.)

Every Friday at 19:00、19:30、20:00、20:30


Weekend Programme

Advance registration is required. Please check the page for the specific activity.

Generative art, live sound performance, 3D visual display, bionic visual exhibition and performance create intersections between the virtual and the reality. All are welcome to register to participate in an immersive technology media-driven world.



11/01 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00、20:00-21:00

Zito HSU X Exclamation Alien Orange Silver X TSAI Chi-Hung—Tagtool Party

11/07 (Sat.), 11/08 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00

◉YEH Ting Hao X LAI Tsung-yun—Intertextuality of Audio and Visual (LIVE version)

11/14 (Sat.), 11/15 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00 (including post-performance discussion)

◉Keith LAM X Seth HON—Cycling Wheel : DOME

12/05 (Sat.), 12/06 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00 (including post-performance discussion)

◉Yea CHEN X Hao LUO—Star Observer Project (1) – City Synthesizer

12/12 (Sat.), 12/13 (Sun.) 19:00-19:50

◉Perception+—KATA’s Blessing

12/26 (Sat.) 19:00-20:00 (including post-performance discussion)

◉TSAI Chi-Hung X Blaire KO—Re-Generative

01/02 (Sat.), 01/03 (Sun.) 19:00-19:25、19:40-20:05

◉Fluxing LAB—Infinity 2.0: The Singing Flight

01/09 (Sat.), 01/10 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00 (including post-performance discussion)

◉Tim WEICollapse World

01/16 (Sat.), 01/17 (Sun.) 19:00-20:30


Educational Activities and Workshops

Advance registration is required. Please check the page for the specific activity.

You are welcome to register to attend an astronomy and star-gazing workshops or the screening of The Small Big: Emerald Tree Frog by Funique VR, or to participate in a sound healing meditation yoga or full-dome projection workshops.


◉Full-dome Projection Workshops

11/21 (Sat.) 16:00-21:00

◉Sound Healing and MeditationReturn to Nature

11/28 (Sat.), 12/29 (Sun.) 19:00-21:00

◉Exploring the Starry SkiesAstronomy and Star-Gazing Workshops

11/22 (Sun.) 19:15-20:00, 20:15-21:00

◉Family Screening RoomThe Small Big: Emerald Tree Frog

11/22 (Sun.), 11/29 (Sun.) 18:00、18:15、18:30、18:45

11/28 (Sat.) 18:30、18:45

◉Full-dome Projection Workshop Presentation

12/27 (Sun.) 19:00-20:00


▶ For details and registration, please check the page for the specific activity.

▶ During the coronavirus pandemic, please cooperate with temperature checks, provide contact information and wear a face mask.

▶ The organizer reserves the right to adjust any activity or event due to changes in coronavirus pandemic prevention measures.


Production team|Escher TSAI, Monique CHIANG, Chia-Yu TIEN, Chi-Hung TSAI, Ping-Yi CHEN, Che-Min HSIEH

Architectural design team|June-Hao HOU, Chi Li CHENG, FabCraft Design Lab

Technical team|Chia-Hsiang LEE, Tim WEI, Tzu Hung LIAO

Sound consultant|Ting-Yu HSU

Photography team|Vincent SANG, Fat CHOU, You-Wei CHEN

Visual design|Yunchi HUANG, Awai Tswei

Opening video design|Tim WEI

Translation|Anna Hui-Fen LIAO, Eric CHANG, Cheryl ROBBINS

Artists|Alpha Doggo (Weiwei HUANG, Tzu Hung LIAO) , Fluxing LAB (Olifa HSIEH, Jian-Hua GU, Yuju CHEN) , fuse*, Funique VR, Ingrid LIN, NANONANO X HUANG WEI (Hsun Hsiang HSU, Yin Hao HUANG, Wei HUANG, NAXS Corp., Hsu-Tai LEE, Keith LAM, Zito HSU, Yea CHEN X Hao LUO, Ting Hao YEH X Tsung-yun LAI, Perception+, Chi-Hung TSAI X Blaire KO, Tim WEI, Chia-Chieh LIN (Orange Silver Lin)


Supervisor|Ministry of Culture of Taiwan

Organizer|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

Executive Organizer|Technology Media Platform

Sponsor|Optoma Corporation

Collaborator|National Applied Research Laboratories, National Center for High-performance Computing (NARLabs NCHC), National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts (NTUA MAA)